S&W Shield M2.0 with Green Integrated Crimson Trace Laser


Recently Smith & Wesson took advantage of its acquisition of Crimson Trace and added to it’s M&P 9 Shield M2.0 product line.  The new Shield 9 M2.0 houses an integrated Crimson Trace green laser and is available in both a single sided thumb safety version and a model with no thumb safety (NTS). The new M&P 9 Shield M2.0 ships with one eight round magazine and one seven round mag.

When I spent time with the M2.0 Shield in October the red Crimson Trace integrated laser was available and seemed to be an impressively small package for those interested in a laser equipped shield. At an MSRP of $549 the package is priced well.

The integrated green laser offers more than just a color choice to Shield fans. The human eye is more attracted to light in the green spectrum compared to traditional red light. In addition, green light is more intense in all lighting conditions. When compared in low light conditions you could expect for both red and green lasers from Crimson trace to shine brightly. In bright conditions, however, where the red laser would be expected to provide an adequate sight picture, the green laser would be expected to be brilliant in comparison. Green lasers are more susceptible to temperature variations than red lasers, however, in a small concealed carry handgun like the Shield that is likely to be carried closely to the body, low ambient temperatures are not likely to be an issue. If you are planning on carrying your Crimson Trace Shield exposed in cold temperatures the red version could be a better choice for you.

The MSRP of the M&P 9 Shield M2.0 Crimson Trace Green Laser is a bit more impressive than its red counterpart. Green lasers are more complex than their red cousins requiring additional parts including specialized diodes and crystals. The premium for S&W’s Integrated solutions is a mere $70 above the MSRP of the Standard Shield 9 M2.0.

Those looking for an aiming solution that will deliver accuracy even when the gun isn’t in your line of sight, the Crimson Trace Integrated Shields provide an economical and compact option with a large selection of compatible holsters.