Ruger Announces New Pistol : Security 9


Fresh off the press, Ruger formally announced the introduction of the newest addition to their product lineup today: the Security 9.

The Security 9 is a striker-fired, semi-automatic, magazine-fed locked-breech handgun that appears to share more than just a passing resemblance to the Ruger American Pistol released a few years back.

What’s interesting about this new handgun for me, is the name. It’s clearly a reference to the old Security Six revolvers Ruger used to build a few decades ago as an affordable, full-size gun for guards and police officers.

Ruger Security 9

Like the Security Six, the new 9 appears to be designed around fulfilling the basic requirements of a duty pistol at a price point even armed guards responsible for buying their own equipment can afford. What’s equally interesting, is that the gun doesn’t just come in a full-size model, but also a compact one – reflecting the changing needs of LEOs and armed personnel.

Both the full-size and compact models ship with two, staggered-column magazines. The full-sized model uses 15-round magazines, while the shorter compact includes 10-rounders. Note, that just like other compact pistol designs derived from service-sized models, the compact pistol can also utilize the 15-round magazines.

While this might not seem like anything extraordinary, the price point on these guns is so low (MSRP: $379) that when combined the Ruger reputation for quality, make for one appealing little sidearm.