Ruger’s Pistol Caliber Perfection: The PC9 SHOT Show 2018


This is going to be hard to come by, for a while. Ruger has the capacity to run-up production, but even at the MSRP of $649, these PC9s are not going to stay on store shelves long.

This is the ultimate utilitarian 9mm carbine. It is sturdy, without being heavy. The barrel is threaded for those who want to quiet it down a bit. You can use Ruger’s magazines, or GLOCK mags (17 or 19).

It isn’t going to win any beauty contests, but damn…. This is a great reboot. The GLOCK mag compatibility speaks volumes for Ruger’s desire to fill a huge hole in the market. Who wouldn’t want a 9mm carbine that runs off GLOCK mags?

The Ruger PC9:

StockBlack Synthetic
Barrel Length16.12″
Overall Length 34.37″
Barrel FeatureThreaded, Fluted
Front SightProtected Blade
Rear SightAdjustable Ghost Ring
Thread Pattern1/2″-28
Weight6.8 lb.
Length of Pull 12.62″ – 14.12″
MaterialAluminum Alloy
FinishType III Hardcoat Anodized
Twist1:10″ RH
Suggested Retail$649.00

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  • SomeJackAss

    Ruger is really shaking up the industry with new product introductions and re-innovating old products. This new PC9 will be on my farm without a doubt (as soon as I can find a dealer who actually has one in stock). Thanks for this presentation, it makes me anxious to get a PC9.

  • epickett

    Ruger’s PCC is on my “buy this year” list. I’m impressed with what I’ve read – now I just need to get one in my hands to try…

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  • Wm

    I have one, and it is a very nice piece. I have the CZ Scorpion with folding gtes scary small fast and opens the same way. The Ruger is more traditional, which I like. It is not the typical AR black gun evil one. It handles well, and shoots very well. I actually use a Glock 12 26 mag that is almost flush with the mag well. I do not need 30 or ever. That is for the wannabe arm chair commandos who envision themselves saving mankind form the evil tyrannical govt etc or some Md Max scenario..that is because they have never actually had to ever fight in a real world environment. If they had, they would no hw stupid thinking a hi cap mag wil somehow save your butt, when the entire world is going to crap…anyway…if you like the PCC carbines, this is one yu will enjoy, and with the ability to take down, it stows handily, which increases its usefulnes. And, if you feel the need…it will take that Glock 33rd mag….