Rosco Manufacturing’s New 16-Inch K9 AR Barrel

Rosco Manufacturing of Central Falls, Rhode Island, is a premier manufacturer of OEM upgrade barrels and lower receiver groups, particularly for the AR platform. Their K9 series of 5.56 NATO chambered barrels range from 11.5 inches to 13.95 inches. New for 2024 is the K9 5.56 barrel with a standard 16-inch carbine length.

roscoe manufacturing k9 16 inch barrel
Rosco Manufacturing is adding a 16-inch carbine barrel to its K9 lineup of AR barrels. [Rosco Manufacturing]

The Rosco K9 16-inch barrel is produced in conjunction with the Barrel & Hatchet training group to meet the demands of any number of build-and-use scenarios. The barrel is constructed from 416R stainless steel and finished in a black nitride. It is chambered in 5.56 NATO and has a 1:7 twist rate, which is the sweet spot for stabilizing light and heavyweight projectiles from .223 Remington 45-grain varmint loads to 77-grain midrange projectiles. 

“We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the shooting experience for our users, and this barrel is developed to do just that,” said Rosco Manufacturing CEO Mike D’Angelo Jr. “We’re excited to get the K9 16-inch barrel into the hands of Rosco shooters and provide another solution for them to produce top results, whether that’s on the range or in competition.”

From the feed ramp to its target crown, the K9 barrel features an almost continuous taper to achieve a good balance between weight savings and heat dissipation from hard use. The muzzle wears 1/2×28 TPI threads for standard muzzle devices. The barrel ships with an intermediate-length gas tube, and you get the choice of a fixed or adjustable gas block to aid in the suppressed shooting. With the latter option, the Roscoe K9 16-inch barrel has an MSRP of $381, but the starting MSRP is only $225.

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