Rock River Arms RBG-1S: RRA Bolt Gun

This is the recently released Rock River Arms bolt gun: the RRA RBG-1S. It is the first precision bolt gun available from RRA. The Rock River Arms bolt action utilizes a short-action stainless steel receiver and Wilson barrel in a KRG chassis and is (as of this writing) available in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Read on for more about the RRA bolt action rifle.

Rock River Arms Bolt Action RBG-1S

According to the initial RRA release, the RBG bolt gun series was designed to deliver a turn-key precision rifle option for buyers interested in long-range shooting and competition.  Elements of the bolt gun include their proprietary action, stainless steel barrel, KRG chassis, two-lug bolt with oversized bolt handle, and either a Triggertech or Timney trigger. 

Among its many features are a quick-adjust comb and adjustable length-of-pull. This is a necessary option for a good precision gun for reasons of fit and comfort. You guys with orangutan reach will lay behind that scope far differently than your counterparts with T-Rex arms. These differences dramatically affect your ability to remain behind the optic during recoil.  

Initially announced during SHOT Show 2019, the RRA precision rifle became commercially available in January of 2021. 

RBG-1S= Rock Bolt Gun, 1st-Gen, Short-action. 

Rock River's bolt gun RBGS1

Bighorn Arms TL-3 Action

You cannot have a Rock River Arms bolt action without the action. The RBG-1S centers around a Bighorn Arms TL-3. It’s a stainless steel receiver with an integrated recoil lug, small shank thread tenon, and interchangeable floating bolt head.

RRA advises,

“The stainless-steel receiver features an integrated recoil lug, Savage-style small shank thread tenon, and an interchangeable floating bolt head. The action features a controlled-round feed, as well as a durable fixed ejector and a bayonet-style firing-pin assembly.”

Bighorn Arms action for bolt guns
RRA chose an action from Bighorn Arms as the heart of their first production bolt gun.

In his review of the RBG-1S (q.v.), Tom Beckstrand says,

“An extractor breaking will never be an issue with the RBG-1S because it has one made with a hardened steel blade that is supported by two rails in the bolt face. It is wide and grabs a large section of the cartridge case rim. Since it rides on two steel rails in the bolt face, there is almost zero chance one will break. Unlike the common spring-­steel extractor that has no external support while the case extracts, this steel extractor is further reinforced by the two steel rails. It will tear through the case rim long before the extractor itself gives way.” 

RRR bolt gun

Wilson Barrel

The Wilson stainless steel barrel begins as a blank, though final chambering and finishing are accomplished by Rock River Arms themselves in their manufacturing facility. This is intended to provide more surety over final chambering tolerances. The barrel is secured to the TL-3 action with a barrel nut, which threads to the receiver and tightened down after appropriate use of headspace gauges. 

This measure will provide the rifle owner with the option of switching chamberings or re-barreling the weapon. 

A little more about it: 

  • rifled in 1:8 twist
  • 5/8-24 threat muzzle
  • initially been offered in 20 in, 22 in., and 24 in. lengths
  • air-gauged for bore diameter uniformity
  • cryogenic treatment intended for improved accuracy

KRG Chassis

The KRG Whiskey-3 chassis was chosen, Rock River explains, for its “…lean profile and precision aluminum bedding”. 

The Kinetic Research Group Whiskey-3 chassis is an aluminum-bedded design that features the following:

  • straight pistol grip
  • length-of-pull adjustment
  • comb-height adjustment
  • flat fore-end for superior bench/shooting-rest
  • Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots near the muzzle

The KRG chassis is compatible with AICS-style detachable box magazines. Initial color options include tan, black, and green chassis. 

The RRA bolt action rifle takes AICS magazines.

RRA RBG-1S on NRApubs.

Rock River Arms Bolt Action Specs and Details

RRA advises that “Included with the [the Rock River Arms bolt action RBG-1S] is a 20 MOA base. This allows the scope to be zeroed to prevent elevation runout for long-distance targets. Standard scope base holes are drilled into the receiver for shooters who desire conventional ring mounts.”

Additional specs are listed below.

Caliber: .308/7.62x51mm or 6.5 Creedmoor

Action: proprietary short action, stainless steel

Barrel: 20-inch, 22-inch or 24-inch stainless steel, 1:8 twist, 5/8-24 thread muzzle, air gauged, cryo-treated

Trigger: Triggertech trigger (Timney trigger option)

Bolt Handle: knurled, oversized

Picatinny Rail: 20 MOA base

Magazine: detachable box (AICS compatible/Magpul compatible)

Weight/Length: 10.2 lbs. / 39.5 in. – 43.5 in.

Accuracy: sub-MOA

Chassis: KRG, adjustable

Chassis Color: tan, black, green

MSRP: $4,235.00 (as of first article publication, 1-29-2021)


Brock Trautman is the senior news anchor for The Mag Life, the official publication of GunMag Warehouse. He's also a cartoon, so...don't get butt-hurt about anything he says. He's not making subjective judgments on things, or reviewing anything - he's just passing along the news.

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