Remington 700CP: It Identifies As A Pistol

Remington 700CP

The Remington 700 is an iconic rifle. It has filled roles ranging from a hunting rifle to a gold-standard law enforcement sniper rifle. They are now coming out with something a little different. The emphasis is on little here as the Remington 700 CP is a bolt-action rifle-caliber pistol.

Tactical-Life got to check it out recently and we thought our readers would appreciate a share.

Remington 700 CP from an article by Robert Jordan over on Tactical Life.

Remington 700 CP 300 Blackout pistol from an article by Robert Jordan over on Tactical Life.

This article is from November, 2018.

A couple of factors lead to a short-barreled Remington 700. One of those was its .300BLK cartridge. It has been established that this caliber works well even with short barrels. Take a look at the SIG MCX Rattler. It only has a 5.5 in. barrel. Another factor is the proliferation of rifle caliber pistols like the SIG MCX. Now, the bolt action pistol is not a new evolution in the firearm industry. Remington used to make a bolt action pistol called the XP-100.

The Remington XP100 is a single-shot bullpup bolt-action pistol.

The XP-100 a single-shot bullpup bolt-action pistol.

The XP-100 is a little different. First of all, it is a single shot bullpup bolt action pistol. See the position of the grip and trigger compared to the chamber? The new 700CP is just a pistol variant of the 700PCR. It looks like it has the same chassis just without a stock.

Remington 700CP- left.

Image source: Tactical-Life.

Mags, Calibers, and Scopes

The Remington 700CP, like the 700 PCR, uses Magpul AI magazines. According to Tactical-Life, there will be three calibers: .308, .223, and .300blk. Although the XP-100 has the status of a novelty range-toy for bench-style shooting, a short barrel bolt action pistol like the 700CP has potential. In the article, the author mentions that you cannot use rifle scopes due to the eye relief. So the demo gun had a pistol/scout scope.

The demo Remington 700cp had a pistol/scout scope.

Remington 700CP demo on the range.

Consider Adding a Stabilizing Brace

The demo gun that Tactical-Life tried lacks a crucial accessory. A folding stabilizing brace would make this pistol really shine. With an SB Tactical brace the Remington 700CP could be cheeked and it would be possible to use a traditional rifle scope. The 700CP chassis appears to have a receiver plug. Once removed, it looks like a buffer tube could be added to the back. Just add a folding adapter and a pistol brace and you have a very versatile bolt action pistol. Then throw a suppressor on it and you have a great gun that could take down game at 100-200 yards.


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The Tactical Life article doesn’t mention when the Remington 700 CP will be available or how much it will be. But if you look at the price of the 700PCR which retails at $1,200 MSRP, I suspect the 700CP will be similarly priced. It could possibly be less since it doesn’t have the Magpul PRS stock. This places the 700CP at half the price of a Q Fix pistol and you have three calibers to choose from. While we do not know the availability, I suspect these will be more readily available than the Q Fix pistol. The Q Fix has a lead time of a few months. Remington will most likely have these in stores soon in large quantities and I’m sure your local FFL can order it for you.

Update: find more information online at


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Nicholas Chen is a firearm aficionado. Growing up in California, He learned about firearms and hunted with his father growing up in Southern California. Once he moved out to Pennsylvania and then spent a few years in New York State, he learned to truly appreciate firearms and the second amendment. It was in New York State where he became a USPSA competitive shooter and learned about 3Gun. He is an avid fan of running and gunning. Nicholas is a fan of pretty much anything that shoots although the slicked-up race guns are what interests him the most. Having spent time with FFLs and other friends with NFA items he has begun his collection of NFA items and has learned that everything should be suppressed and full auto where possible and legal.

  • Archmark

    Stabiliziong braces are SO gay. Grow a set & SBR it!!! Oh right, you travel a lot. I’m calling Bravo Sierra on all you SB posers!!!

    • Boeing352

      Some of us live where SBRs are not allowed, and it is very true -even if you don’t agree- that traveling with my 10.5″ AR pistol is tremendously easier than with an SBR and getting BATFE approval every time I take it out of state.
      I am in no less than 5 states each month, and the AR pistol is much more effective than a standard sidearm, and yet short enough to deploy quickly from my rental car. Imagine the mountain of paperwork for that to happen, and the delay on approval, through the BATFE.

    • PyatigorskKemosabe

      Imagining paying the government a bribe just to exercise your rights, then needing to beg them for permission to transport your firearm. Pathetic.

  • Closet Warrior

    Ok, let’s cut a rifle in half then add a 10″ suppressor and a stabilizing brace to make it even longer and more accurate…like a rifle? Makes perfect sense.

    • Boeing352

      Several states have a maximum length rule for pistols. Where I live, a pistol must be under 28″ OAL. with stock/brace installed and straight, but not extended. If I put a brace on it, this would be an SBR, and illegal, here.

      • Closet Warrior

        I understand the pistol length constraints imposed by the atf but I still think it’s weird.

  • CJS3

    Nice to be able to put a follow up shot downrange without having to load a round into the chamber by hand. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the bolt handle on the left so a right hand shooter wouldn’t have to shift his hand off the pistol grip to reload. Of course if you brace it you’ve just made a SBR cheat, so you would handle it like a standard rifle, at least until the ATF changes their mind again.

  • Jim C

    I cannot think of any practical purpose for a bolt action “pistol,”other than a range toy. I suppose you could hunt with it, but a rifle would serve you better. You could deploy it from a vehicle, hunting from a quad or something, but an AR style would serve you better. If it’s only going to be in 223, 300 BO, and 308, those bases are already covered.

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    I find it amusing to listen to firearm owners bicker about a certain version a of a firearm being pointless . . . it seems similar to the anti-gun crowd and their aversion to so-called assault rifles. This looks pretty interesting to me, however I have no desire to own one. I do like the semi-auto pistol in 5.56/2.23. Might have to try one of these someday, if I can find a range with one, or someone I know. Glad their are choices, and not just one style fits all.