Real Avid New AR Building Tools – SHOT Show 2018


At SHOT Show 2018 Range Day, Real Avid had their latest tools out on display. Normally AR-15 building tools are typically boring and lack luster. Not the case with Real Avid’s latest tools. They have taken the stereotypical AR-15 wrench and re-designed it with gusto. It looks like a small tomahawk or a contractor’s wrecker bar/hammer.

The castle nut wrench is reminiscent of the Magpul’s wrench. The protrusions that index into the castle nut are offset. If you use the other side, then the wrench fits over and around the castle nut. However that may not always work due to what end cap you are using. In the case of the Magpul wrench, it was designed to tighten the castle nut even if you have their ASAP end cap. Looking at the Real Avid wrench, this should work similarly.

Look at the barrel nut wrench area. It has a slot to adjust muzzle devices. It is designed to work on either 1/2×28″ or 5/8×24″ muzzle devices. Below that slot, is the square hole for a torque wrench.

Beneath my hand, in the handle, there are three removable hammer heads. They are brass, nylon and rubber. They have hexagonal pegs that plug into the leading edge of the Real Avid Hammer/wrench. Those hex pegs are the same size as your typical tool bits. While it would be a bit awkward to use such a large hammer as a screw driver, it is possible.

The hammer/wrench will retail for $59.99

Not All Vice Blocks Are Equal

Real Avid has a new vice block that is actually very clever.  Most lower vice blocks use the magazine catch to keep the lower on the block. Real Avid thought of a better way to support the lower and eliminate any stress on the mag catch.

To use their vice block, you insert it into an AR lower. Then spin the red part at the bottom of the block. This turns a bolt which drives the red wedge down. The wedge will spread the vice block apart front to back and side to side. Thus applying pressure on all four sides of the mag well.


The Smart-Fit AR15 Vice Block will retail for $29.99.

What About Upper Support?

The third AR building tool worthy of note is their Lug-Lok vice block. It is similar in concept as the Geissele Reaction Rod but with some improvements and a nicer price point.  Just like the Reaction Rod, the Lug-Lok is a rod that indexes on the star chamber fluting. Where it differs is that the Lug-Lok is made of aluminum and has that red Lock Knob that supports the upper receiver and locks it onto the Lug-Lok rod. It prevents the upper receiver from sliding off the Lug-Lok.

The Lug-Lok also has a larger area to interface with a vice. The large rectangular section has holes for steel pins. These pins are placed so that they should sit below and above the vice jaws. This way the Lug-Lok bar cannot slip vertically.

The Geissele Reaction rod has an MSRP of $99 where the Lug-Lok from Real Avid will retail for only $69.99

They are up on Real Avid’s website. It looks like they can be ordered but they are under the Coming Soon section.