Real Avid Introduces New Accu-Punch Sets

For casual gunsmithing work and everyday gun maintenance, Real Avid is the brand to know about. From bench blocks to cleaning kits, Real Avid has you covered. But to cover all your building and maintenance basics, nothing can replace a good set of punches. In addition to their punch/hammer combos, Real Avid now has a series of larger Accu-Punch sets.

real avid accu-punch set
Real Avid is launching their own punch set, an essential for any gun work. [Real Avid]
The Accu-Punch series of punch sets comes in three versions to fit any need. The first is an 11-piece standard steel pin punch set. These punches have a flat face and come with two 1/16 inch punches for the finest pins, as well as single punches for 5/64 through 9/32 inch pins.

If you want the rigidity of steel punches but want something softer to protect your firearm’s finish, consider the 11-piece brass and steel pin punch set. It features the same 1/16-inch, 5/64-inch, and 3/32-inch steel punches for small pins and a set of brass punches ranging from 1/8 to 9/32 inches. The brass punches have a hexagonal handle and rubber o-ring grippers for a secure hold.

Finally, consider the Accu-Punch roll pin punch set. These hardened steel punches are meant for tougher jobs. It comes with a pair of 1/16-inch punches and single punches ranging from 5/64 to 9/32 inches. Like the brass punches, these have hex-shaped handles and o-ring grippers.

These sets are now available for purchase. The standard steel and roll pin punch sets have an MSRP of $29.99, and the steel/brass combo punch set retails at $39.99.

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