Proper handgun grip: support hand consistency

Support hand grip: how to hold a pistol

Having a solid grip and stance while shooting a handgun is key to shooting fast and accurately. Losing the support hand grip during firing is a common problem that shooters face. There are a variety of factors that result in this problem, but one of the most common that we’ve seen is the inconsistency of grip and stance it relates to elbows.

Support hand grip: how to hold a pistol

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There’s more to shooting accurately than grip, of course: which is why it’s so important that you know how to aim a pistol.

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Support hand grip: how to hold a pistol


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  • V Tensei

    So… 2.5 minutes to “explain” why it happens, but you never offer a solution. Not a valuable teaching point. Just sayin.

    • Drew LL

      Lol, my thoughts exactly.. I was waiting on a solution but I guess it was just a tease