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Grey Ghost Precision and Grey Ghost Gear have teamed up with a stupid good lineup of other companies to create the Poppin’ Smoke Giveaway. We think this one of the coolest guns and gear giveaways we’ve talked about yet, given how close we are to Veteran’s Day. After all, most of these companies are owned, operated, or owned and operated by vetrepreneurs. You have until Friday the 13th at midnight to enter.

Poppin’ Smoke Giveaway Participants

• Grey Ghost Precision

• Grey Ghost Gear

• Warfighter Tobacco

• Woobie Brothers Apparel

• Primary Arms

There will be three (3) winners selected. All of those winners are gonna be stoked

1st Prize: GGP AR-15 Builders Set, GGG Range Bag, Woobie Brothers Cerakoted Thermos and their choice of Woobie, Warfighter Tobacco Deployment Kit Humidor, Primary Arms 1-8×24 Scope and tons of swag!

Pop smoke giveaway first price

2nd Prize: GGP Complete P320 9mm slide,  GGG Impact 24 Bag, choice of Woobie Brothers Woobie, Warfighter Tobacco R60 Ruck Case Humidor, and of course, swag!


3rd Prize:  GGP stripped P365 9mm slide, GGG TQ Hydration Pack, choice of Woobie Brothers Woobie, Warfighter Tobacco R40 Ruck Case Humidor, and more swag.

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