Polenar Tactical Visits the Sellier & Bellot Factory

Sellier & Bellot looks like a cool place to visit. Their 370-acre campus houses a $200 million dollar production facility and a 200-acre nature and game preserve. It also hosts the Sellier & Bellot Ballistic Testing Range, featuring over a thousand different firearms from bolt action rifle to shotguns and full auto machine guns. In the video linked below, the always fun Polenar Tactical gang tours the plant and shoots some cool guns on the range.

Samo Polenar Tactical Sellier & Bellot Factory Tour
Samo is excited about the upcoming tour.

Sellier & Bellot Factory Tour

Sellier & Bellot is located in Vlasim, Czech Republic. After sampling a local restaurant, Žiga, Manca, and Samo head over to the factory grounds. Touring the thoroughly modern facility, the gang sees how brass sheets are stamped into cups, which will be drawn out into cartridge cases and jackets. A similar process creates copper bullet jackets.

Sellier & Bellot manufacturing process
Brass and copper sheets are punched into cups that are drawn into cases and jackets.

A lead core is inserted into the copper jacket and the entire process comes together in the loading stage. Sellier & Bellot manufactures their ammunition from the ground up from raw materials, including the primers. There are human and electronic quality control measures throughout the process. Any imperfect ammo is recycled. S&B does not produce “B-quality” cartridges.

Samo inserting a lead core into a copper bullet jacket
Samo inserts a lead core into a copper bullet jacket.

Sellier & Bellot Nature and Game Preserve

After the tour, the crew heads into the nature preserve for lunch at the lodge. The preserve is home to herds of red stag and fallow deer. The animals are hunted lightly to control the herd size but are otherwise protected. The preserve also features a small lake that serves as a fish habitat. Like the woods, the lake is available for occasional fishing.

Sellier & Bellot Nature and Game Preserve
The Sellier & Bellot facility includes a 200-acre nature and game preserve.

Slinging Lead at the Sellier & Bellot Range

After lunch, the real “work” starts as we head to range for a full auto funfest. The gang fires submachine guns, a few automatic rifles, and several machine guns. They also fired an extremely rare fully automatic CZ-75 pistol. Only about 100 of those were ever made. S&B has one. The other two known to reside in the Czech Republic are at the CZ factory. “I can tell you, it’s awesome,” says Žiga.

Full auto CZ-75
Žiga loves the full auto CZ-75. Note the ported barrel to help reduce muzzle climb.

Submachine Guns

Judging by the responses, and the amount of screen time, the subguns and machine guns were the day’s big hits. They started with an H&K MP7A1. Žiga notes that “It’s so mind-blowing because it’s really hard to get one as a civilian, even just to hold one, a real one, in your hands. Much less to actually shoot with it full auto.”

Žiga and Samo both loved the H&K MP7A1

If you do an MP7, you might as well do an MP5 too. And so, the MP5SD is rolled out with much approval. As Samo says, “This is really smooth, but we expect this from an MP5, right?”

Manca and Žiga with the H&K MP5SD

Maybe the biggest hit was the Russian PPSh-41. All three shooters took a turn, and all seemed to love it. Manca says, after dumping a drum, “I have to breathe a little.” But she was smiling. Žiga finished his run with a laughing “It’s raining brass!”

PPSh-41 submachine gun
“It’s raining brass!”

Both Manca and Samo commented on how heavy the Thompson M1928 A1 was. Samo noted that the “recoil [is] not bad for a .45 ACP. But it’s because of the weight.” Žiga says the SMGs were “surprisingly, quite controllable.”

Machine Guns

First up is the Ultimax 100 light machine gun. The Ultimax may have been the favorite gun of the day. All three fired it from the shoulder with no issues. Žiga exclaimed, “Almost no recoil! This is like cheating. You could shoot this with one hand.”

Ultimax 100 machine gun
The Ultimax 100 light machine gun was a favorite with all three shooters.

I also noticed that the Ultimax’s charging handle reciprocated for the first couple of seconds as Samo fired the gun but then stopped for the rest of his volley. I don’t really know anything about the Ultimax, but it was interesting.

FN Minimi Para machine gun
Samo and Žiga were both excited about the belt-fed FN Minimi Para.

They also fired a 5.56 NATO FN Minimi Para and a 7.62 NATO Minimi MK3. Both were well received.

FN Minimi MK3 machine gun
Žiga getting some help with the FN Minimi MK3

The range guys saw Žiga “giggling like a little girl” with the FN Minimi, so they handed him an FN MAG, which you may know as the M240B. Žiga fired it standing up, saying afterward that “It had a lot of recoil, a very fast rate of fire, but it was amazing!” I imagine so.

FN MAG M240B machine gun
Žiga showing off with the FN MAG, better known as the M240B.

Precision Rifles

The range trip ended with the gang shooting .308-chambered precision rifles from the prone at 500 meters. Samo says he’s glad for the opportunity because they don’t often get a chance to shoot at those distances back home in Slovenia.

All three performed well, but Manca walked away the winner with a sub-3-inch group at 500 meters. Not bad for someone who doesn’t do it very often.

Precision rifles at 500 meters
Manca was the champ at 500 meters.

Polenar Tactical

Žiga, Manca, and Samo obviously had a good time. Honestly, who wouldn’t? But these three are always fun. They have one of the coolest gun channels on YouTube. They are sport shooters based out of Slovenia, which is bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea.

Polenar Tactical Sellier & Bellot Factory Tour
Žiga walks the walk and does the robot with a robot.

They’re good shooters, and their videos are always entertaining. It doesn’t hurt that Samo and Žiga are always clowning around. Head over to their channel and check them out. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

William "Bucky" Lawson is a self-described "typical Appalachian-American gun enthusiast". He is a military historian specializing in World War II and has written a few things, as he says, "here and there". A featured contributor for Strategy & Tactics, he likes dogs, range time, and a good cigar - preferably with an Old Fashioned that has an extra orange slice.

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