Polenar Tactical unveils “The Machine”

Polenar Tactical is a YouTube channel that I enjoy watching. Not only do their videos showcase the excellent skills and abilities of great shooters, but the humor they add to their videos also makes them fun and entertaining, all while showcasing products they use.

Recently, they introduced “The Machine” with a video on their channel. It starts with this: “Some say he once won Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol and that his skin is made of grip tape.” ‘

Polenar Tactical "The Machine"
Polenar Tactical introduces “The Machine”.

“The Machine,” whose identity is unknown, is covered by a face mask and Edge Tactical Blitz goggles. To me, he is the tactical version of the Stig from the very popular car show, Top Gear.

"The Stig" character from Top Gear car show.
“The Stig” from Top Gear.

In fact, this video follows a format that is similar to Top Gear, with firearms drills instead of laps on the track. The Stig is a professional driver that acts as a baseline on Top Gear. He drives a different car every episode as fast as he can on the same track and that time goes on the show’s record board.

It’s a short video that runs just over five minutes so it is a quick one to watch.

Firearm Drills 

The Machine goes through some common drills using a Glock 19 Gen5 MOS with an Aimpoint Acro MRDS and Surefire X300U — so pretty much a basic and stock platform.

Bill Drill

Six shots as fast as possible, from three to seven yards.

El Presidente Drill

The version they use is at a ten-yard distance with the shooter facing away from the target in the surrender position. On the beep, the shooter will turn and face the three targets, draw from the holster, and fire two rounds on each target in any order—then reload and fire at all three targets again with two rounds each.

Mozambique Drill

Also known as the Failure to Stop Drill, the Mozambique drill is a close-quarters technique where the shooter fires two rounds to the torso and one to the head at a distance of six feet.

The Machine proves that he can shoot as long as he hears that beep from the timer. I won’t tell you the times, I won’t spoil that for you. 

Polenar Tactical Mozambique drill time for Glock 19 Gen5 MOS
Okay, so here’s the time for the Mozambique Drill.

Not only do the Polenar Tactical guys make sure to show the timer, but they also show the hits on target. This is something that isn’t shown by everyone on social media but it’s important to show accuracy as much as it is to show speed.

Polenar Tactical - Mozambique drill shots with Glock 19 Gen5 MOS
The hits on the Mozambique Drill.

I enjoyed watching the video and I think you will too, it’s not much of a time investment and it is well edited. I hope they make more episodes with “The Machine” to include more drills. Maybe they could add some more complex drills to see how he does. They could also have him shoot different pistols, rifles, and shotguns with these same drills and put the scores on a board too.

Fifty Shades of FDE is a full-time LEO in California with about a decade's service in a very large metropolitan agency. He’s a husband, father, and firearms enthusiast. He is a supporter of the Second Amendment and a proponent of law-abiding citizens’ right to defend themselves with concealed carry permits. He runs his @fiftyshadesofFDE page on Instagram and writes gun/gear reviews on www.fiftyshadesoffde.com - when he's not writing for The Mag Life, of course.


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