Next Level Armament Releases 6ARC Phoenix Rifle

Next Level Armament (NLA), a Michigan-based manufacturer of rifles and accessories, has released its newest rifle platform, the premium 6ARC Phoenix Rifle. This new rifle platform is said to combine cutting-edge technology with precision engineering and top-notch materials for an unparalleled system.

Developed for the US military, the 6ARC was specifically engineered for AR-15 rifles for accuracy and less recoil with outstanding performance. This caliber, at the heart of the Phoenix rifle, performs remarkedly within the Ascend precision machined billet receiver set and Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber barrel. These two components increase the accuracy level while keeping the weight down compared to traditional options. The Helix 6 Precision barrel boasts a patented carbon wrap process and high carbon fiber-to-resin ratio, helping dispel heat faster than other barrels on the market, with less wear and tear on the barrel.

Next Level Armament Phoenix 6ARC rifle
Next Level Armament has released its newest platform, the 6ARC Phoenix rifle. This rifle, featuring a Helix 6 Precision barrel and billet receivers, is available with three barrel lengths and has ambi controls. [Photo: Next Level Armament]
The billet receiver set is only the beginning of the Phoenix 6ARC. The set features fully ambidextrous controls, including the Next Level Armament Scythe charging handle, for ease of use regardless of the dominant hand. Along with the ambi controls, the rifle has a titanium drum safety selector with a stainless nitrided plunger, an NLA DLC-coated bolt carrier group that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance for longer service life, and a 15” NLA M-LOK handguard to go around the aforementioned Helix 6 Precision barrel.

The rifle is available in different barrel length options, including a 16” 29-ounce, an 18” 33-ounce, and a 20” 36-ounce option. Its overall weight starts at just 6.2 pounds unloaded. To round out the features of the Phoenix 6ARC rifle, it has a B5 stock and pistol grip, a Triggertech Duty trigger, and an NLA muzzle brake.

The new Next Level Armament Phoenix rifle chambered in 6ARC offers the handling of an AR platform with an overall lightweight package while maintaining the necessary performance. The NLA Phoenix 6ARC rifle has a starting price tag of $3,039 for the 16” and 18” barrel options and $3,059 for the 20” barrel option.

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