Next-Gen Varmint Performance: Burris Optics Veracity PH 4-20x50mm Scope

Burris Optics, a leader in the manufacturing hunting optics, has taken its considerable knowledge and developed the Veracity PH 4-20x50mm scope, the latest in the Veracity family of scopes. The Veracity PH is reportedly packed with cutting-edge features perfect for varmint hunters.

Burris Veracity PH scope
Burris upgraded the Veracity family of hunting scopes to include the Veracity PH 4-20x50mm scope. The scope incorporates Burris’ PEK and HUD systems to give the shooter a cutting-edge advantage. (Photo credit: Burris)

The Veracity PH has the PEK system (Programable Elevation Knob) and built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD). The scope also features Bluetooth connectivity for uploading data to Burris’ mobile app, and premium optical clarity. These features make the Veracity PH optic the most precise hunting optic from Burris, according to the company.

Burris used its many years of research and development to give the shooter easy, efficient, and precise shot placement The PEK system, with the HUD, is the center of the Veracity PH optic, showing exact dialed distance, wind hold, rifle cant, and battery level. It is user-configurable and works hand in hand with the recently released BurrisConnet App. The app allows the user to set up custom ballistic profiles to track all the details for the shooter. Burris notes that Wifi or cell service is not needed to use the app, with the system only relying on Bluetooth between the scope and the app.

Burris Veracity PH with BurrisConnect app
Burris also released a companion app, BurrisConnect, that connects to the scope via Bluetooth for the user to track vital data. The app allows for custom ballistic profiles for bullet weights, rifles, and shooting locations. It can be easily updated on the go. (Photo credit: Burris)

The Veracity PH has a 5x zoom system and high-performance glass for exceptional brightness and clarity from close-up to far away. The scope also has a Wind MOA FFP reticle with a front focal plane design, adding to the unit’s accuracy. Additionally, the unit has a side focus/parallax adjustment. So, the target image matches the reticle focal magnification, from 50 yards to infinity, eliminating parallax error on extended-range shots.

The Veracity PH has Progressively Thick Crosshairs (PTC) that are fine in the center and get progressively thicker the further away from the center. This allows the shooter ultra-fast target engagement in low light at close ranges.  The scope has a double internal spring-tension system that keeps the scope zeroed through shock, recoil, and vibrations. Not only that, but the scope body is a solid, one-piece design that will hold up against the heaviest recoiling caliber rifles. Additionally, the body of the scope is Nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging in cold or rainy conditions.

The Burris Optics Veracity PH 4-20x50mm scope is said to maximize every hunter’s potential for success in the field. It is covered by Burris’ Forever Warranty. The Veracity PH scope has an MSRP of $1,200 and is available now.

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