New Truck Storage Solution for Gooseneck Hitches from TruckVault

TruckVault, a leader in the truck storage industry, now has a solution for efficient and organized storage in the beds of trucks with a gooseneck mount: the Gooseneck 3 Drawer TruckVault.

truck storage system for gooseneck hitch mount, by TruckVault.

Whether you haul a horse trailer or another large trailer with a gooseneck mount, one of the biggest challenges is how to store items safely and efficiently when the mount is smack dab in the middle of the bed, taking up valuable real estate. How do you work around it? And how do you ensure your items are kept safe and out of the weather when you can’t put a camper shell on top?

Gooseneck hitch mount truck storage system

TruckVault has long been known for innovative and dynamic storage solutions for trucks and large vehicles. This time they have come up with the solution they claim on their website “is perfect for anyone looking to haul their trailer in addition to having low-profile and waterproof secure storage.”

Gooseneck 3 Drawer TruckVault truck storage system

The Gooseneck system starts with a top covering custom fit for your truck model. Underneath are three low profile drawers that extend far back toward the cab, offering huge bins to haul all your valuable gear. The left and right drawers run the length of the bed on either side of the hitch while a shorter drawer provides middle storage in front of the hitch. Between the hitch and the cab are two top access compartments. All lids and draws are lockable for secure storage.

According to TruckVault’s website, “Line-X® XS310 exterior spray coating, bulb seals, and compression locks completely seal the unit from harmful dust, grit and water.” Additionally, the drawers and compartments are carpet lined to reduce scratches and keep finishes looking good.

Overview of the TruckVault Gooseneck Hitch features:

  • 3-drawer configuration that includes two long drawers spanning the entire bed length, with a shorter middle drawer.
  • Heavy-duty exterior weather coating.
  • Bulb seal and compression latch sealed drawers.
  • 2,000 lb top load capacity, 300 lb drawer capacity.
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