New: Timney Triggers Impact 700 Drop-In

Timney Triggers is an American name synonymous with quality triggers and firearm products. The respected company has listened to numerous customer requests and recently delivered a Remington 700 replacement Timney trigger at an economical price. They’re calling it the Impact 700 trigger. The Impact 700 trigger matches a lower cost with the quality that customers have come to expect from Timney Triggers.

Produced out of the company’s Phoenix, Arizona facility, the Impact 700 trigger joins an already full lineup of Remington-compatible Timney triggers. The Impact trigger is machined from parts of billet steel complete with hand-assembling, testing, and calibrating the trigger group at a lower cost. While the company refers to the trigger as an entry-level option, the components are far from entry-level, with no parts from the molding, rolling, or stamping processes.

Timney Impact 700 Remington Trigger
Timney Triggers announced its latest in the Remington line of replacement triggers, the Impact 700. This complete trigger is compatible with all Remington 700 rifles and is constructed from billet steel. [Photo credit: Timney Trigger]
The Impact 700 trigger is a fully drop-in replacement that will not require a gunsmith to install. The trigger has a non-adjustable pull weight of between three and four pounds but will give a clean and crisp break with overtravel on the pull. The group also has Timney’s Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock design, or SEAL’d, for what the company calls a user-friendly experience.

Compatible with all the Remington 700 rifles, the trigger offers an accurate replacement without the higher price tag. The anodized aluminum housing makes a durable option with the tool steel sear and trigger shoe with carbonitride and black oxide finishing, respectively. As the company states, the item is precision machined from premium materials for a superior USA-made product.

The Timney Triggers Impact 700 Remington replacement trigger is touted as the next evolution in accurate drop-in triggers for the Remington 700 rifle series. The Impact 700 drop-in trigger is available now with an MSRP of $124.99.

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