New Nightstick LGL-180-IR: Rifle Light with IR

Nightstick makes some great weapon-mounted lights, and among their newest additions is the LGL-180-IR. This is a dual-beam light that has not only a white (VIS) light but also an IR light. You don’t find this every day, and for the price, it’s a bargain. My first Nightstick light was a long-gun light, and it’s been mounted on the same rifle for years.

Mounting a long-gun light is not difficult, but I’m surprised at how many people have asked for help with this over the years. Nightstick makes this process easy by including everything you need in the box with the light. They also sell mounting kits separately and provide a “wire control box,” which is not something you normally get with a light.

The Nightstick LGL-180-IR Dual-head Light

The first thing that stands out with this light is the IR illuminator. As I mentioned above, most lights do not come with a dual-head light for this price. It contains a 1400mw 940nm IR illuminator, which transmits light in the infrared spectrum. If you have not used this type of light before, it’s not visible to the human eye. But when viewed through some type of night vision, it works like a flashlight.

Nightstick LGL-180-IR Light.
The dual head houses both white and IR LED lights. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
When you’re not wearing your night vision goggles, the standard LED light provides 1100 lumens of light. Right now, the standard for weapon-mounted lights seems to be trending at 1,000 lumens, which makes the light just a little brighter than the average. It will run for 2 hours on two CR123 batteries, which is also a little longer than average. The visible beam distance is listed at 229 meters or 250 yards.

A switch that rotates like a sleeve around the light allows you to select between the white and IR LED. This style of switch is easy to use because you wrap your hand around the end of the light and turn. Looking for a small button or switch while in the dark gets a little tricky sometimes, so I like this feature.

Other features of the LGL-180-IR light

Even without the dual-head light, the Nightstick long gun light offers plenty for the money. It’s made from aircraft-grade 6061T-6 aluminum and has a Type III hard-anodized finish. This makes the light both impact and chemical-resistant. It’s also IPX-7 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. During my review of this light, I submerged it in the bathtub for nearly an hour just to see how it held up. It stayed dry and running.

Nightstick LGL-180-IR Light.
Nightstick provides a wire control box with the mounting kit. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
I am a huge fan of dual-fuel capacity lights, and this one checks that box as well. Not buying a ton of batteries is great when I’m using the light around the house. But when I head out, especially at work, I may not have time to recharge it. With my time in law enforcement, I learned the hard way not to assume a batter is fully charged.

Extra batteries may be needed in the field, and I keep CR123 batteries in my vest and rifle already. The light does not come with the 4700-BATT, but you can find them for about $20 online. I ordered two so I can rotate them and always have a backup. If that fails, I can then use CR123 batteries.

Mounting the Nightstick weapon light

Nightstick goes above and beyond with their mounting kit. It has everything you need to mount it to a rail or M-LOK handguard. Here is what came in my box:

  • Nightstick Light
  • Picatinny Rail Mount
  • 45-degree M-LOK Mount
  • Remote Pressure Switch
  • Wire Control Box
  • Zip Ties and Picatinny Clamps

On most of my rifles, I prefer mounting long-gun lights using the 45-degree M-LOK mount and using the remote pressure switch. The light comes with the Picatinny mount on it, so if that’s what you want to use, it’s good to go. For the M-LOK mount, you need to take the picatinny mount off and install the M-LOK one using the provided screws.

Make sure you screw the 45-degree M-LOK bracket to the light before attaching it to the gun. The exact location of where you mount the light is up to you. I like for the end of the light to stick out just past my handguard so it doesn’t interfere with the light. Attach the light using the M-LOK screws and make sure it’s snug.

Nightstick LGL-180-IR Light.
The Nightstick LGL-180-IR weapon light comes with everything you need to mount it.

After that, the remote pressure switch is ready to install. Again, you can place it anywhere you want, but I like to have mine on top of the Picatinny rail so I can use my thumb to activate the light. Place it where you want and attach it with the Picatinny rail clamps and zip ties. Use the wire control box to take up any slack in the wire that may catch on something. Nightstick makes a wire control box that mounts directly to a Picatinny rail or via M-LOK.

Nightstick LGL-180-IR Light.
The remote pressure pad has a dual selection and a raised button for constant on. [Photo: Jason Mosher]


One of the things I like about Nightstick’s remote pressure pad is the “constant-on” button. Most of the remote switch is flat and uses pressure for momentary light. At the rear of the light, however, is a round button for constant on. The button is raised enough you can easily feel it with gloves on. I mounted my Nightstick LGL-180-IR to my Wilson Combat rifle. I’ve taken it to training events and used it on search warrants at the range during night qualifications.

It’s a great quality light that is packed with features. If you want this light but have no need for the IR feature, it comes available without it, which is a little cheaper as well. The IR model retails for about $330 with the mounting kit. It’s a tough, durable light that is perfect for your AR-15 rifle.

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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