New: Midwest Industries Extended Sight System for the Marlin 1895

Lever-actions are regaining a foothold in the firearms world, and understandably so. These are versatile guns chambered in some heavy-hitting cartridges, making it no wonder they’re gaining a new following. In the interest of keeping up with the changing times and desire for aftermarket accessories, Midwest Industries has released a new Marlin 1895 Extended Sight System.

The Midwest Industries Marlin Extended Sight System.
The Midwest Industries Marlin Extended Sight System. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

Troy Storch, Owner of Midwest Industries, had this to say about the company’s latest offering for lever guns: “We’re taking the classic lever-action rifle and making it tactical. It’s the best of old and new for Marlin owners. Shooters can bring the lever gun into the modern age with a sleek, sophisticated sight system.”

The Midwest Industries Marlin Extended Sight System was designed for Marlin 1895s.
The Midwest Industries Marlin Extended Sight System was designed for Marlin 1895s. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

The Midwest Industries Marlin 1895 Extended Sight System gives shooters the best of both worlds by combining the company’s M-LOK handguard and ghost ring sights with a rigid, durable uppermost rail. Not only does this completely change the aesthetics of the Marlin, but it also gives functionality a significant boost. Everyone from target shooters to hunters to those using their levers for truck guns can benefit from the extra space giving them the ability to add their personal choices of aftermarket accessories. In addition, the Extended Sight System enhances the sight picture while allowing for quite a bit of adjustability.

Midwest Marlin 1895 handguard ghost ring sight system
The system gives shooters quite a bit more space for aftermarket accessories. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

Features of the Midwest Industries Marlin Extended Sight System

  • Fits the many Marlin 1895 variants
  • Heavy-duty ghost ring allows for rapid target acquisition
  • Windage and elevation adjustments are broad, which works well when needing to use different ammunition
  • Midwest Industries sight adjustment tool included
  • Steel rear aperture and front sight post for superior durability and resistance to wear
  • Designed for Marlin 1895 rifles with handguard cap (see image below for example)
  • Features a forward-mounted sling swivel for the use of standard, popular hunting slings
  • Includes one five-slot M-LOK rail section for even more real estate for accessories
  • Slim and lightweight for comfort and maneuverability
  • The ultra-rigid design provides multiple points of contact with the rifle which, in turn, provides stability and improves accuracy
  • Aluminum used is Hard Coat Anodized 5061 for extreme longevity
  • Features full-length uppermost Picatinny rail for aftermarket accessories such as lights and lasers
  • Handguard length: 13.625 inches
  • Handguard width: 1.640 inches
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not compatible with XS Lever Scout Mount and 336Y Models
  • Fits on these known models with a forward handguard cap: Marlin 1895 (excluding the CB model)
An illustration regarding the compatibility of the extended sight
An illustration regarding the compatibility of the extended sight with the Marlin. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

One of the downsides of lever-actions is the lack of customization, but this new system from Midwest Industries makes it possible for gun owners to add whatever accessories they desire to their levers.

Midwest Industries says a version for the Marlin 1894 will be released in the near future, broadening optic and light options for lever-action shooters even more. MSRP for the 1895-compatible model is $324.95.

Kat Ainsworth Stevens is a long-time outdoor writer, official OGC (Original Gun Cognoscenti), and author of Handgun Hunting: a Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using the Right Firearms for Big and Small Game. Der Teufel Katze has written for a number of industry publications (print and online) and edited some of the others, so chances are you've seen or read her work before, somewhere. A woman of eclectic background and habits, Kat has been carrying concealed for over two decades, used to be a farrier, and worked for a long time in emergency veterinary medicine. She prefers big bores, enjoys K9 Search & Rescue, and has a Master's Degree in Pitiless Snarkastic Delivery.

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