Modular MP5K Style Grip


The MP5K grip incorprates a vertical grip with a integrated handstop. This is rather helpful when shooting a short barreled sub gun. Some people try to replicate this by attaching vertical grips and handstops onto rails. Well, A3 Tactical has made a modular vertical grip with integrated handstop. It resembles the iconic MP5K vertical grip.

Old Vs New:



The A3 Tactical grip allows you to change the length of the vertical grip and it works for MLOK and Keymod. You just need to change the hardware.

This grip is a perfect match for the Midwest Industries MLOK handguard for the MP5K.

a3 parts

A3 grip lengths


The grip is made of aluminum compared to the plastic one made by H&K. The different grip lengths are held in place by a large nylon locked nut and bolt. I would have preferred the grips to be threaded themselves rather than require the use of the lock nut. This would make changing the grips tool-less. Due to the modularity and compatability between Keymod and MLOK, it does not have the standardized MLOK protrusions. This means the grip can slide a little bit until the screws hit the MLOK slots in the handguard.

a3 top


Another minor issue is the screws that came with the vertical grip. They are socket headed screws.The heads protrude quite a bit and dig into your hand.



I found that the counter sunk screws of my Naroh Arms accessories works perfectly with the vertical grip. Factory MLOK screws work just as well but they are a hair too short, at least the ones I have are.



Of course the A3 Tactical vertical grip is not just for the MP5K. Since it will fit MLOK slots, it can be attached to almost any gun.



Here is the grip on an MPX.

MPX grip

The A3 Tactical modular vertical grip retails for $69.95 and gives you the function and look of the MP5K. I would have liked dedicated handstops for Keymod and MLOK rather than a universal one. This way the fit would be better on the handguard. The width is a little bit wider than I would like. These issues are minor though and the vertical grip is solid and hefty.

  • Midstate Armory

    I know this post is a year old, but what length did you have on the MP5? Also, I dont see one with the knurling yours has. What option did you go with?