Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Shotgun: 350 More Than the 590

The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical shotgun is an expansion of Mossberg & Son’s 940 Pro shotgun line. It’s a 12 gauge, like its cousins, and is semi-automatic with a 7 +1 round capacity. According to the manufacturer they have redesigned their clean-running gas system to be even better. They say shooters of the 940 Pro Tactical will reap all the benefits of those upgraded features.

Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical
The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical is the newest addition to the company’s popular shotgun line. (Photo credit: Mossberg)

Mossberg is known for for its family of defensive 500/590/590A1 pump-action shotguns, and today they’re broadening their horizons further with the 940 Pro Tactical. The newest 12 gauge is optic ready and has numerous features designed to enhance its durability, useability, and functionality.

One particularly interesting feature of the new shotgun is its redesigned gas system. Although Mossberg’s gas-operating system was already made to reduce cleaning needs, the gun maker claims this updated design is even better, and can go as many as 1500 rounds between cleanings. It is also made for superior reliability and improved overall performance.

enlarged, beveled, and brightly colored loading port.
The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical has an enlarged, beveled, and brightly colored loading port. (Photo credit: Mossberg)

Regarding the gun’s optics-ready design, Mossberg said, “To maximize functionality, the 940 Pro Tactical is loaded with performance-driven features starting with receiver cuts to accept the direct mounting of micro-dot sights (Shield RMSc footprint). Direct mounting of the optic provides for proper eye alignment and quicker target acquisition when shouldering the gun. A cover plate is included for when an optic is not mounted. Receivers are also drilled and tapped for the option of adding rail-mounted optics.”

A defensive shotgun that ships from the factory ready for your red dot or other sight is undeniably a solid addition to any gun owner’s collection.

The barrel of the new Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical is threaded for use with company's Accu-Choke interchangeable choke system.
The barrel is threaded for use with company’s Accu-Choke interchangeable choke system. (Photo credit: Mossberg)

The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical has an 18.5 inch barrel with a matte finish to reduce glare. It also comes with a threaded barrel so it is immediately compatible with the company’s interchangeable AccuChoke choke tubes. The loading port has also been enlarged and beveled for smoother loading. As with all the guns in their 940 Pro Line, Mossberg is producing the 940 Pro Tactical with a nickel boron-coated gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear. The synthetic stock is user-adjustable for length of pull and drop at comb and cast.

Other features include a rear swing swivel stud, aggressively textured stock and forend, and knurled, extended charging handle. This shotgun was designed with the defensive shooter in mind.

The gas system of the 940 Pro Tactical is redesigned to be cleaner running
The gas system is redesigned to be cleaner running. (Photo credit: Mossberg)


  • Caliber: 12 gauge
  • Type: Semi-automatic
  • Capacity: 7 +1
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
  • Chokes: Accu Choke System, cylinder bore choke installed
  • Sights: Fiber Optic front sight, rear is optic ready
  • Length of Pull: 12.5 inches to 14.25 inches
  • Barrel Finish: Matte blue
  • Stock: Adjustable length of pull, cast, and drop; synthetic construction in black
  • Overall Length: 37.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds, 5 ounces, empty
  • MSRP: $1120.00
Kat Ainsworth Stevens is a long-time outdoor writer, official OGC (Original Gun Cognoscenti), and author of Handgun Hunting: a Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using the Right Firearms for Big and Small Game. Der Teufel Katze has written for a number of industry publications (print and online) and edited some of the others, so chances are you've seen or read her work before, somewhere. A woman of eclectic background and habits, Kat has been carrying concealed for over two decades, used to be a farrier, and worked for a long time in emergency veterinary medicine. She prefers big bores, enjoys K9 Search & Rescue, and has a Master's Degree in Pitiless Snarkastic Delivery.

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