MeproLight Hyper-Bright Sights for IWI Masada and Masada Slim

Aftermarket options for IWI Masada and Masada Slim owners just increased. Meprolight, the maker of the popular Mepro Hyper-Bright sights has expanded its line to include options for those two handguns. The sights are reportedly 30% brighter than other pistol sights on the market and come with an extremely bright contrasting color ring on the front sight.

Mepro Hyper-Bright sight
MeproLights upgraded their sight offerings for owners of IWI Masada and Masada Slim 9mm pistols. The combination of the low-profile barrel, less perceived recoil of the pistol and the sights allow for faster target acquisition.

The tritium in the sight is specifically formulated to give the shooter the industry-first brilliance from broad daylight to midnight, according to MeproLights. The proprietary coating used on the front sight ring improves target acquisition during the day while the tritium illumination does the same at night and in low-light conditions.

Sight on weapon
The Mepro Hyper-Bright sight features an extremely bright daytime contrasting colored ring around the green tritium vial of the front sight. Available colors for the colored ring are green, yellow, or orange.

The rear sight which features a “U”-notch contains just the tritium vials and lacks any significant contrasting color or outline that you would otherwise find on styles of sights like MeproLights Tru-Dot family of night sights. The contrast in the presentation of the front and rear sight helps the shooter focus on the front sight quicker, which is critical in defensive and competitive shooting.

Meprolight recommends the end user upgrade the sights on the handgun with tritium enhanced day/night sights to increase their capabilities in any lighting condition. Bill Yerby V.P. Sales & Marketing, Meprolight added, “….selecting your sights is as important as selecting your firearm. Upgrading the sights on your EDC—Every Day Carry—gun, will increase your capabilities to put the shots you need on target, in any light, when you need them the most. Without a doubt, Meprolight Hyper-Bright sights will give you an edge.”

Hyper-Bright on other model
The Hyper-Bright sights are manufactured to be highly durable in all shooting conditions and can be used from broad daylight through the night, thanks to the tritium power. The Hyper-Bright sight is also available for other models of handguns like the pistol pictured above.

The IWI Masada and Masada Slim allow for aftermarket sight upgrades, like the Mepro Hyper-Bright sights. The low-profile barrels and perceived reduced recoil are a good match for the bright sights allowing the shooter to get on target and stay there easier.

Advantages of Mepro Hyper-Bright

  • An extremely bright contrasting colored front sight ring
  • No batteries, no switches—always ready for action
  • Fast target acquisition

Meprolight Hyper-Bright sights are available in three colors—Orange, Green, and Yellow. The contrasting color combinations of the sights help the shooter focus on the front sight quicker which is critical for self-defense or competitive shooting. The tritium luminance is guaranteed for 12 years.

IWI Masada Slim
Offering the Hyper-Bright for the IWI Masada and Masada Slim help enhance the Every Day Carry profile of the pistol and MeproLights state that the enhanced sights will give the shooter the edge they need when seconds matter most.

According to MeproLights, you can’t predict when everything will depend on your sight’s visibility, but you can count on Hyper-Bright. The MeproLights Hyper-Bright sights are available for around $110 a set for the IWI Masada and Masada Slim pistols. Other model-compatible sights are also available.

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