MDT Introduces GRND-POD Black Bipod

MDT, the company behind some of the market’s precision chassis and accessories, has expanded its lineup with the MDT Black GRND-POD bipod. The idea behind it was to give the option of the company’s most affordable precision bipod made to match the bolt-action or AR platform rifle from MDT.

MDT Black GRND-POD bipod
MDT has released its latest product, the GRND-POD in black. This one-hand operated bipod has independently deployed and adjustable legs. It can mount with different interface options like Picatinny or ARCA. [Photo credit: MDT]
MDT has said it is excited to bring the classic black look to the bipod which was designed to maximize the versatility while keeping the key features that users demand. One feature MDT refused to compromise on was the adjustable leg lengths. The bipod creates a stable platform and can extend anywhere from 4.5” to 9” long (50° forward to 90°down) from the pivot point to match the shooter’s need. Not only that, but the bipod legs are independently adjustable to match real-life situations when you can lie prone on a flat surface. Additionally, the legs can be rapidly deployed and adjusted with one hand making it quick and easy to get set up.

Another feature of the MDT GRND-POD included is the ability to adjust the cant of the bipod. The bipod can adjust up to 40° of cant and has an adjustable throw level for the cant tension. The toolless cant tension and one-handed adjustment for cant helps the shooter adapt to any rocky or uneven shooting surface with better stabilization.

Further, the legs have four locking positions. The legs can be locked in at 0°s, 50°, 80°, and 180°. The bipod can mount with a variety of interface options, including Picatinny and ARCA. MDT did not want to skimp when it came to ease of use, as laid out by the company, keeping all the features one-handed. MDT wanted to focus on providing a convenient product that met its high standards for products.

With all those premium features, the company was wanting to keep it at a price point that made sense for its quality and didn’t stop until it reached the right balance. The MDT GRND-POD bipod in black is available starting at $199.95.

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