Matrix Arms Releases MXI Competition Pistol

Matrix Arms, a relative newcomer in the pistol market, made a splash last year with its release of the MX19 pistol line that was compatible with Glock 19 parts. The company has now expanded the pistol family to include a competition version called Matrix Arms MXI. The MXI is comparable with the Glock 34 in size but instead has a steel frame.

According to Matrix Arms, the pistol is designed specifically for competition with the tightest of tolerances, the best accuracy possible, and weighing under 40 ounces unloaded. The company goes on to say that the pistol is intended for use in the major pistol categories production/carry optics, limited, and open. It won competitions before it was released to the market.

Matrix Arms MXI Glock-Compatible pistol
Matrix Arms expanded its pistol family to include the MXI competition pistol which is compatible with certain Glock components. The MXI features a billet steel frame and custom build choices like frame color, trigger color, and grip color. [Photo credit: Matrix Arms]

MXI Features

Each frame is CNC machined from a solid piece of US billet 1018 steel. The frame is available in Sky Chrome or Black Chrome finish with a maximum number produced of each color.

Each MXI pistol is handcrafted with custom touches like hand-stippled grips, hand buffing, or polishing of the parts for a supreme fit by one of two Armorers employed by Matrix Arms. The steel frame has less flex or distortion during shooting than its polymer counterparts. The MXI features the MX recoil-reducing buffer that when combined with the steel frame weight creates the flattest shooting pistol in the world, at least according to Matrix Arms.

The MXI is entirely built off the MX19 platform and has a 1911 grip angle. The custom stippled grip is available in customizable colors (black, tan, green, gray, orange, or brown). The trigger can also be customized (purple, silver, green, red, or bronze options) for a truly one-of-a-kind look for the user.

The MXI pistol has a 5.3” barrel which is Glock 34 Gen 5 compatible, a Glock 34 Gen 3 compatible slide, will accept Glock 17 magazines, and will come with the company’s lifetime warranty. All components come out of the company’s New Hampshire facility. The Matrix Arms MXI pistol is available in very limited quantities. Price ranges from $2,160 up to $2,790 depending on the level of customization. Additionally, the company notes that since each pistol is hand-fit and built to expect long lead times.

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