LOK Grips Teams Up With Sig Sauer P320 FCU

Everything, it seems, is modular and hyper-customizable these days. The Sig Sauer P320 AXG is no different. In recent months, the company announced the P320 FCU Custom Works Studio so the end user can customize their P320 AXG straight from the factory. In an effort to expand their plethora of offerings, they upgraded their grip offerings to include LOK Grips Sets – the GridLOK and Veloce.

P320 AXG with Brass grips and backstrap
Sig Sauer has announced the upgraded options in their Custom Works Studio to include grip options from LOK Grips, specifically the GridLOK grips and backstraps. (Shown are Brass GridLOK and backstrap option.)

The LOK Grips GridLOK pattern is an aggressive one to ensure that the firearm does not shift in the hand during operation or use. In addition to the GridLOK, the Sig offerings also include the patented Veloce pattern for a good feel and sturdy-looking grip. The pattern incorporates a mixture of textures that run in multiple directions to give a distinct hand feel.

The GridLOK grips are slightly thicker than stock grips with an ergonomic curve, offered in Standard or Palm Swell thicknesses. The total difference in thickness is 1.275” for the stock grips and the GridLOK has a thickness of 1.305” (standard thickness) and 1.506” (Palm Swell grips). The current grips available through the Custom Works Studio are GridLOK in Brass, and Veloce Orange/Black and Green/Black options.

Orange Veloce grips on pistol
The LOK Grips GridLOK grips and backstraps are another custom option in the Sig P320 FCU build studio. The GridLOK is available in Brass, Orange/Black, and Green/Black color options as well as Standard and Palm Swell thickness options.

The grips and matching backstrap sport the aggressive pattern that is said to lock into the shooter’s hand, thus making the grips a truly viable option for competitive and regular shooters alike. The Brass version of the GridLOK grips is CNC machined from solid brass for added weight to the pistol, while the other color options are made from high-quality G10 material.

The Sig Sauer P320 AXG pistol is built around the FCU, or Fire Control Unit. This component allows the pistol to be completely customizable around it, including those LOK Grips sets with the matching backstrap. To customize the P320, the end user just needs to select the frame size, slide length, barrel, and accessories to make the perfect build.

P320 Fire Control Unit
The Sig Sauer P320 FCU, or Fire Control Unit, is the base of the highly customizable unit. From the frame size, barrel and slide length, and grips, there are thousands of combinations for the end user to choose from. LOK Grips is now a part of that equation as well.

Each P320 pistol has an exclusive Titanium Nitride frame along with the Titanium Nitride Skeletonized trigger and is compatible with all P320 post-upgrade accessories. As an added touch, each FCU customized P320 pistol has a serial number starting with “FCU”.

Veloce grips in Green on Sig P320
The GridLOK grips and backstrap are part of the patented Veloce pattern which uses many textures and run in different directions across the grips. The pattern is said to lock the hand onto the pistol for better control. This is especially helpful with competitive shooters.

The Custom Works Studio has loads of options for each component with new ones arriving all the time, like the LOKGrips GridLOK grips and backstraps. With thousands of different available configurations, the custom designed P320 will be unique. The LOK Grips GridLOK grips and backstrap sets start under $115 for the color options and around $175 for the Brass option.

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