KCI’s BP-mag: a black, windowed polymer magazine option

KCI magazines polymer windowed AR15 magazine.

KCI has a new rifle (AR15) magazine available — this one is a polymer windowed version covered in raised segments for superior grip and an impact-resistant baseplate. It’s packed, so they say, with features “…normally reserved for magazines nearly twice the price.” Read on for more information.

TL;DR Take me to the KCI windowed polymer AR15 mags. 


30 round polymer .223/5.56 mag with window from KCI.

The new 30 round polymer .223/5.56 mag with window from KCI. Photo by @zero7one.

Here’s how it’s been described:

• The durable polymer body is high-strength and dent-resistant, and sports a grid of tactile, raised segments to ensure a slip-free grip. A user-serviceable, impact-resistant baseplate makes maintenance easy and helps absorb impact if dropped.

• Ambidextrous, translucent viewing windows in the sides of the magazine body allow you to easily see how much ammunition is left. They’re also numbered for precise • ammo checks.

• Coming complete with an impact and dust cover for secure, safe storage, this magazine can be kept loaded in your range back without fear of dust or damage.

• With a full range of features and a great value price, there’s no reason not to add a few to your range kit!

30 round polymer .223/5.56 mag with window from KCI.

AR15 News showing off the new polymer AR15 mag from KCI in a build that’s been Cerakoted in God’s Plaid.

Now, this new mag from KCI (which should not be confused with the beauty care company KCI or the Korea Concrete Institute KCI) may well be the best thing to come out of Seoul since Dak Galbi smothered in Gochujang. Or it may not — maybe they’ll be worse than that first Yongary movie*. We’ll have to see how they hold up to use. If they perform well and feed reliably, they’re a great buy for the price. If they don’t, in fact even if they suck, they’re still a great value add to a range bag for training and plinking — for ten bucks, why not?

KCI Mags: get some now.

30 round polymer .223/5.56 mag with window from KCI.

Rigged up to go loud – new polymer KCI mags in a photo by @youngbuckdave.


KCI polymar AR mags with window.

Another look at ’em in another photo by @youngbuckdave.


*Unlike KCI and other thriving businesses in South Korea, Yongary actually wasn’t all that popular in Seoul

Yongary in Seoul

  • American Patriot

    Then they should be about what?…….Half the cost of an 8.99 Gen2 PMAG.

    • GomeznSA

      I had a similar thought 😉

      Tough to beat any generation PMAG. I wonder if these KCI mags are being used by the ROK military, THAT would be an excellent endorsement. At 10 bucks each it might e worth picking up a pouch or two of them, can never really have too many mags after all.

  • George Heidke Sr

    With P mags & USGI aluminum in the same $10 range why bother ???, unless you need something for malfunction drills……….a KCI in your AR15……Really ?????