iRayUSA Announces New HYBRID 50mm Thermal Sight

InfiRay’s US distributor, iRayUSA, announced the latest model of HYBRID thermal weapon sight, the HYL50W, at the NRA Show last week. This new sight is the first 90 Hz thermal sight on the consumer hunting market.

What started as a thermal weapon sight and thermal clip-on unit combination, the HYBRID family of products has grown and upgraded from that first unit to include some highly specialized models designed for technical shooters and hunters. This new unit uses the HYBRID’s low-distortion eyepiece and a large format display for a sharper image within a comfortable viewing eye relief.

iRayUSA HYL50W thermal weapon sight
iRayUSA announced its newest model in the HYBRID family of thermal sights, the HYL50W. This new scope offers a 50 mm lens, integrated technology and a 90 Hz processor for better images. [Photo credit: iRayUSA]

The 90 Hz model offers a 50 mm option with a 1.03-inch 2560×1920 display designed for smooth motion and fast-moving targets. The HYL50W HYBRID is compatible with a 1,000-yard laser rangefinder and has integrated features like a custom ballistic reticle generator, a wireless remote, and an onboard ballistics solver.

“The increase in refresh rate in thermal optics has been a steady journey across the industry,” said Pliny Gale, InfiRay Outdoor Marketing & Communications Manager. “From 9 Hz to 25 to 30, 50, 60, and now 90 Hz, faster refresh rates mean smoother motion and a more authentic real-time image. Just like in gaming monitors and FPV drones, a thermal viewer with a faster refresh rate feels snappier and more real-to-life and less like video playback.”

Housed within a magnesium alloy body and FDE Cerakote finish, the new unit comes with a 50 mm germanium lens, 384×288 sensor, and InfiRay’s MATRIX III image processing algorithm. The HYL50W also features a recoil-mitigating mount and mounting plates that work with other RICO series mounts. Word of note from the manufacturer, however, is that because the 90 Hz refresh rate is faster than the video rates of social media platforms, online content won’t give the best viewing.

The new iRayUSA HYBRID HYL50W thermal sight, which has an MSRP of $3,799, should be shipping to dealers in June.

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