In-Vehicle Weapon Storage Options

Too many times people don’t take the proper precautions with their firearms in their vehicles. To keep your firearm from being stolen and becoming another crime statistic the obvious solution is to take it with you or lock it up. But what if you aren’t sure which weapon storage option is best for you? Aaron Cowan at Sage Dynamics goes through the options to help you sort through them.

Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics
Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics lends his knowledge to help decipher which vehicle weapon storage options are best for a given situation. He talks through the options but regardless, his number one comment is to be safe and don’t leave anything in your vehicle if it doesn’t need to be there.

Aaron starts out by saying that he is very troubled by people who leave their firearms in their vehicles and the firearm gets stolen. He likens your firearm to your wallet in that it should always be on you. The last thing you want to do is to contribute to the number of stolen firearms on the streets.

Weapon Storage options

  • Cable lock that comes with firearm
  • Console vault
  • Boss StrongBox drawers
  • Trunk vaults

Cable Lock

Aaron goes on to say that you deserve the ridicule you get if your firearm is stolen from your vehicle if it isn’t locked up or on your person. He makes a very good point and one I hadn’t thought about—that you can use the cable lock that comes (most time) with your firearm and lock it to the seat frame, in the trunk, or a similar secure location. Aaron admits that he has used this technique as well.

He is very passionate about gun owners not having the mentality of “It’s not going to happen to me” about getting your firearm stolen. His experience in law enforcement has shown him otherwise and points out that the reason you carry a gun is to protect against what could happen and it would be ridiculous if you didn’t have that same thought process regarding the storage of your firearm. Additionally, he points out that having the gun stickers on your vehicle also makes you a target to potential thieves.

Console Vault

Console Vault
Aaron discusses a console vault, something that he has installed in his own truck. He thinks it is a good option that is hard mounted into his truck and has a four-dial locking system. He leaves it unlocked when there is nothing inside for safety.

There are definite times when the cable lock will not be good enough and you’ll want a more robust security option. For handguns, he uses a console vault mounted in his truck. The vault is hard mounted inside the console and has a four-digit dial locking system. While you can mount a holster in your truck, you have to take into consideration that, especially in taller vehicles, the line of sight will be different, and you’ll have a harder time fully concealing it.

Locking Drawer

Strongbox weapon storage
Another vehicle weapon security system Aaron talks about is the Boss Strongbox drawer that he has installed in his own truck. This is for a long gun but Aaron says that the drawer is shallow and you cannot store something with a lot of accessories in there.

For long guns, Aaron recommends a locking drawer. He personally uses a Boss Strongbox that uses a key for access. The drawbacks for this drawer are that it uses a key for access and the particular drawer he has is shallow, meaning that you have to consider the profile of your rifle when using it.

Trunk Vault

Another option for trucks is using a locking bed cover or tailgate along with a deck or drawer system. This would give you a larger drawer for more options for storage and more locking options like a combo cipher in addition to the key.

bed drawer weapon storage
Aaron also discussed the use of a locking drawer within a locking bed cover or tailgate for a truck. This option is deeper than the in-the-cab option and can come with a cipher pad or a key.

If you have a car or SUV, having a trunk vault is a great option. It has a key and combo access to the drawer system. A major point of note is that if you have a combo lock, you NEED to change the default code. Anyone can find the default code thanks to the internet. Aaron likes the drawer system (as do I) but it isn’t without faults. It does have pry-points so someone with time and motivation could potentially break in. Aaron stated that he has seen where they have been broken into, even in law enforcement vehicles.

Regardless of the weapon storage option you choose, complacency needs to be avoided at all costs. Be aware, if it doesn’t need to stay in the vehicle take it with you and be a responsible owner. Discard the “It’s not going to happen to me” mentality and take the time to be smart so your gun doesn’t become another statistic.

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