HUXWRX Safety Co. FLOW 556K Suppressor

HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) has upped its suppressor game with its 3D-printed FLOW 556k suppressor. While this suppressor utilizes HUXWRX’s patented Flow-Through and Torque Lock technology, it also features the enhanced benefits of 3D printing which makes it a lighter, shorter, and quieter suppressor.

HUXWRX FLOW 556K suppressor on gun
HUXWRX Safety Co, formerly OSS Suppressors, upped their game with the 3D-printed FLOW 556K suppressor. The FLOW 556K suppressor features HUXWRX’s patented Flow-Through and Torque Lock technology to produce a lighter, quieter, and shorter suppressor.

In addition to the stringent assessment and development undergone by HUXWRX, the FLOW 556k also participated in rigorous FBI Ballistic Research Facility testing. The results of which reportedly revealed the FLOW 556k as an unparalleled product when it came to weight, unsuppressed and suppressed flash, accuracy, sound suppression, reliability, and blowback mitigation.

HUXWRX Safety Co. is honored to have developed systems utilizing the advanced manufacturing techniques of 3D printing. This rapidly evolving technology allows for more efficient quality control, improved logistics, elimination of tolerance challenges, and improvements in the design and development cycle.

Silhouette rifle with suppressor
HUXWRX FLOW 556K suppressor with Torque Lock technology that locks the suppressor in place without tools and allows for a repeatable POI shift. The Flow-Through technology helps reduce the signature of the suppressor without impacting cycling or the service life.


  • Weight: 9-12.9 oz
  • Length: 5 in
  • Diameter: 6 in

Ultimately, we have created a product that enables development and production efficiencies unavailable with traditional CNC manufacturing. The 3D-printed FLOW 556k is only the beginning for the next generation of technologically advanced suppressor systems to come from HUXWRX.

The Flow-Through and Torque Lock technology of the suppressor is designed to reduce signature without negatively impacting cycling or service life. It reportedly delivers superior toxic fume exposure mitigation, flash reduction, sound reduction, recoil reduction, and repeatability. HUXWRX encourages suppressor maintenance to be performed to increase the service life of the FLOW 556K suppressor.

Side view of HUXWRX FLOW 556K
The FLOW 556K has a fully-welded outer body made of 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel coated with C-series high-temperature black Cerakote. The FLOW 556K with Flow-Through technology redirects expanding gases forward allowing us to use 17-4 stainless steel deflectors and internal Grade 5 Titanium coils.

The HUXWRX Torque lock is a patented, tool-less locking system that ensures the suppressor will stay securely mounted onto the muzzle device, even in full auto. The FLOW 556K is engineered so that the mounting interface is precise and consistent, resulting in a repeatable and minimal POI shift.

The design of the FLOW 556K suppressor also does not require any modifications to the bolt, gas tube, buffer, or recoil springs. Or modifications to any other items within the host weapon. The suppressor mounts on the QD flash hider, but is compatible with both the Muzzle Brake-QD 556 and the Flash Hider-QD 556.

FLOW 556K suppressor on white
The FLOW 556K suppressor was designed with minimal length in mind. The suppressors are engineered and tested to meet the highest military accuracy specifications worldwide. The suppressor also meets current military specifications for sound pressure levels at the shooter’s ear.

The FLOW 556K is full-auto rated and is compatible with 5.56, 17HMR, and 5.7 platforms. The suppressor ships with a flash hider QD 556 threaded 1/2×28. The FLOW 556K has an MSRP of $1245.

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