Henry Repeating Arms Voluntary Recall for Lever Action .45-70 Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms Company, a name synonymous with Western culture, has recently discovered a safety issue that will affect certain models of the lever action .45-70 Government rifles. As such, they have initiated a voluntary recall of those models.

In an abundance of caution and with the safety of customers in mind, Henry Repeating Arms is recalling specific Gov’t model rifles manufactured between December 14, 2022, and January 11, 2023. According to the company, the issue was discovered during test firing of those certain models and is related to firing pins not meeting specifications.

Henry H010G Lever Action Rifle
Henry Repeating Arms has found a potential safety issue with certain models of the .45-70 Lever Action Government model rifles. In an effort to protect its customers, the company is doing a voluntary recall to fix the issue—an out-of-spec firing pin. (Photo credit: Henry Repeating Arms)

In line with the voluntary recall, the company recommends owners of any lever action .45-70 rifles discontinue use and not load or fire them until it can be determined if their rifle is a part of the affected batch. Henry Repeating Arms states that under certain conditions, it was possible for some of the rifles to unintentionally discharge without the trigger being pulled if the hammer is released or dropped from the cocked position. The company states that possible death or serious personal injury could occur if the use of those rifles is not discontinued.

To fix the issue, Henry Repeating Arms will replace the firing pin free of charge to the customer in order they receive them. The list of models affected are H010G, H010GAW, H010GAWP, H010GCC, H010X, and H024-4570. Henry has a website where the customer can type in their rifle’s serial number to see if it is a part of the recall.

If the rifle is a part of the recall, the consumer will fill out a form for request of recall service. Once approved, the consumer will receive a prepaid shipping label and additional instructions. As an extra show of appreciation to the customers, Henry Repeating Arms will send any customer a $50 gift card for their site after the rifle is serviced.

The safety recall isn’t the first for Henry Repeating Arms. The company had another voluntary safety recall in 2020 for its H-15 Single Shot Rifle and Single Shot Shotguns. More details about the recall or other safety information can be found on Henry Repeating Arms’ company website.

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