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Best Springfield Hellcat Holster roundup

Between the number of holsters you can choose from to the number of small and easily carryable guns on the market — holy crap, is it a good time to be carrying a gun! One such gun is the Springfield Hellcat. The Hellcat stormed upon American shores offering shooters an excellent compromise with its small size but high capacity. The Hellcat is the size of any old standard single stack 9mm but packs 11 to 13 rounds in its magazine. If you have one you need a holster for it, right? With its popularity, a massive amount of holsters have been released. Here’s our roundup of the best Springfield Hellcat Holster options available as of this writing

1. Crossbreed Reckoning 

Crossbreed embraced the Hellcat with open arms with a massive amount of different Springfield Hellcat holster options in various configurations. This includes IWB, OWB, pocket, Bellyband, and beyond. One that stands out is the Reckoning. The Reckoning is a compact-sized IWB rig designed primarily for AIWB carry, but it can also be carried strong side IWB. 

Crossbreed Hellcat Holster Reckoning

The Reckoning features vegetable-tanned leather with a polymer molded shell. This Crossbreed holster embraces dual metal clips for a rugged design. The sweat guard protects you from the gun and vice versa and allows for maximum comfort. Lastly, the Reckoning is modular. You can add an Accomplice mag carrier to the rig for a complete appendix carry rig. 

2. Bravo Concealment OWB 

I’m an OWB nerd, and I’ve long appreciated OWB designs. The Bravo Concealment OWB design is primarily made from polymer and is custom fit for the Hellcat. The Bravo Concealment rig is ultra-modern and designed to cling tight to the body and disappear with minimal fuss. The design incorporates passive but adjustable retention. 

Bravo Concealment OWB Hellcat Holster

Since the Hellcat comes in an OSP model, the Bravo Concealment OWB holster is cut for an optic and will even accommodate a threaded barrel. This Springfield Hellcat holster allows for slightly adjustable cant for increased concealment. The Bravo Concealment OWB rig is a thoroughly modern and well thought out OWB rig for those of us who still prefer OWB carry. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and well designed. 

3. Desantis Mini Scabbard 

Leather may not be tactical anymore, but my oh my, is it still fashionable. The Desantis Mini Scabbard is a little fella that might be far from tactical, but still a comfortable option for those of us a little less high speed. The Mini Scabbard pushes the Hellcat up and out of the way for a very concealable carry option in the OWB arena. 

DeSantis Mini Scabbard OWB leather Hellcat Holster

The Mini Scabbard is molded to the Hellcat, and this ensures the rig is safer than most leather rigs. The Scabbard sports an adjustable tension device, allowing the end-user to customize just how hard or how easy it is the remove the gun from the holster. The Mini Scabbard is an old school cool Hellcat Holster with a dose of modern common sense. 

4. Crucial Concealment Covert IWB 

Crucial Concealment has discovered a magic formula that makes holsters disappear while leaving the user in complete comfort. Their Covert IWB rig is a minimalist Hellcat AIWB holster featuring a single wide clip that attaches with a lustful passion to your belt, or so it seems when I try to take it off. This little rig allows the end-user to adjust the cant by simply removing and reattaching a screw. This is a simple device to make the gun disappear a bit more or to make it easier to grip and rip. 

Crucial Concealment Covert IWB Hellcat Holster

The Crucial Concealment Cover IWB is also ambidextrous so you can swap the clip from side to side with ease. The Covert IWB has an adjustable tension device, and yep, they were smart enough to cut it for optic’s compatibility. This Springfield Hellcat holster is a smart design that’s blends comfort and concealability with a good dose of practicality. 

5. Clinger Holsters IWB Hinge 

Holster design doesn’t grow in leaps and bounds, but by slight steps forward that are often tagged with innovation. The Clinger Holsters rigs might be the next step forward. Their hinge system is aimed at strongside IWB. The rig uses a polymer holster with two leather wings that house the clips for your belt. It’s odd but super functional. 

Clinger Holsters IWB Hinge with Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm pistol

It allows the gun to sit extremely close to the body, remaining comfortable and unencumbered. The Clinger Holster IWB Hinge system keeps it simple and comfortable. The gun remains easy to draw and absolutely disappears under light clothing. It’s simple and, in a way, quite ingenious. Clinger also produces a pad to attach to the side of the rig for increased comfort. 

Alien Gear Shapeshift 

The Shapeshift system is so much a single holster but a series of holsters that incorporate a common shell. The Alien Gear system is quite ingenious and allows one to carry a gun in nearly a dozen different ways. This includes a shoulder rig, ankle rig, cheat rig, and normal IWB, OWB, and AIWB options. You swap shells from backing to backing, and you can carry any which way you like. 

Alien Gear Shapeshift Hellcat Holster IWB and OWB

The Shapeshift is the most modular Hellcat Holster on the list. It allows you to carry with essentially the same holster over many different rigs. If you normally go AIWB but gotta prepare for a road trip? Well, toss on the shoulder rig or even the ankle rig. Each backing can be used throughout the whole Shapeshift line, so if you wanna carry your Glock instead of your Hellcat, you can use the same backings with a different shell. 

The Shapeshift system is a massive undertaking from Alien Gear and the start of something interesting for the holster industry. However, for right now, it’s the most modular Hellcat Holster on the market. 

The Hellcat Holster Market 

These are the Springfield Hellcat holsters that interest me. Each different design brings something to the table that captures my imagination and often a credit card number. There are, without a doubt, dozens of companies making near-identical AIWB polymer holsters for the Hellcat. If you don’t see the holster that works for you, drop a comment below. Let us know what works and why you like it. Better yet, let us know what doesn’t work and why. 


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Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.