GPS 28-Inch Tactical Double Rifle Case: Built Tough

GPS makes some great bags and gun cases, and the 28-inch double rifle case is no exception. The cost of a product used to be a good indicator of how well the product was made. Better technology mixed with stiff competition often voids the price-equals-quality rule. I’ve used some other GPS gear in the past and am surprised every time at how well it’s made compared to the retail price.

We focus all our research, money, and attention on the rifle and accessories we attach to it. When we realize a good rifle bag is needed, it’s almost always too late, and we must make do without one. This bag has so much storage that it’s more than just a rifle case. It can double as a range bag as well.

GPS Tactical 28" Rifle Bag
The GPS Outdoors 28 “Tactical Rifle case. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
There’s enough room for two rifles, two handguns, magazines, ammo, earmuffs, safety glasses and more. It’s not the storage that impresses me most with this bag, however, it’s the quality. It retails for $79.99, and it’s well worth every penny. It can be carried using the side carry handles or worn like a backpack with the straps included on the back of the bag.

There are two main compartments and three external pouches. While it’s called a “rifle” case, it only holds guns up to 28 inches long. This means most full-size rifles and AR-15s are too long, but any AR-15 pistol or SBR will fit nicely. There is a trick to fitting two full-size AR-15s, however, so don’t worry, it’s possible. I’ll break the bag down by compartment and go over each section along with some items I like to store in my rifle case when I’m headed to the range.

Rifle Compartment

The rifle compartment of this bag opens/closes with two heavy-duty zippers. When the bag is open, each side will have a corner pocket to slide the gun into and straps to secure it. This keeps the guns from moving around during transport. GPS Outdoors put padding on each side of the rifle compartment and in the middle divider.

GPS Tactical 28" Rifle Bag
You can hold AR-15 pistols and/or full-size AR-15s by separating the upper and lower receivers. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
If you need to transport two full-size AR-15 rifles, you can separate the upper and lower receiver so they will fit. You can either put both uppers on one side and the lowers on the other or an upper and lower on one side. There’s plenty of room for whatever optic or scope you have on the gun, as well. Besides AR-15 rifles, any other gun that can quickly be pulled apart would fit in this bag as well. One good example is the Ruger PC Carbine, which has a quick discontent barrel and handguard.

Pistol Compartment

The other main storage area on the GPS Tactical Bag has two compartments for handguns on one side and two zipper compartments on the other. GPS again added some padding on the back side of the pistol compartments to help protect your handgun. Each of these compartments has hook-and-loop panels across the opening, allowing you to slide your gun in and push it closed. I was able to fit my Glock 49 and several mags in one compartment and still have room for more.

GPS Tactical 28" Rifle Bag
The GPS Tactical 28″ Rifle Bag has two compartments for storing handguns. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
On the other side of this storage area are two zipper compartments that work great for gloves, rifle slings, shooting glasses, and more. One is smaller than the other, giving you plenty of options for storing whatever gear you need. However, these two compartments have a thin lining, so heavy objects, like ammunition, may not work very well in them.

External Pouches on the GPS Tactical Rifle Bag

Three external pouches on the outside of the bag make a great place for storing hearing protection, rifle or pistol mags, and ammunition. The middle compartment is wider than the other two, so I used it for my earmuffs. I didn’t see how many mags I could cram in one external pouch, but it wasn’t hard to fit six in there. Each pouch has Velcro to help keep them closed. Nylon straps help ensure they don’t come open by mistake. There’s even a piece of Velcro over the middle pocket so you can place your favorite patch on the bag.

GPS Tactical 28" Rifle Bag
Three external pouches can hold a variety of things like magazines, hearing protection, and extra ammo. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

GPS Tactical Rifle Case Backpack Straps

You don’t realize how much all your stuff weighs until you start filling one of these bags up. I put two full-size AR-15 rifles, two handguns, four handgun mags, six AR-15 mags, and some other gear in my GPS bag. It was heavier than I expected, but the bag held together just fine when hauling it around in the woods. I used the backpack straps and took it for a hike to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues.

The heavy-duty nylon straps have thick padding, which helps with the weight of the bag. An adjustable chest strap keeps the backpack straps from pulling apart while wearing. Two carry handles on the side of the bag connect with Velcro to make a side carry handle.

Is the GPS rifle case built tough enough for you?

I’ve had some cheap bags in the past that didn’t hold up very well. By cheap, I mean quality, not price, because some of those bags cost the same or more than the GPS rifle bag did. From range bags to pistol cases, general gear, and rifles, I like having multiple bags for all my stuff. This makes it easy to grab the bag you need for a specific occasion. In today’s world, a good rifle bag for $80 is not bad at all. At the time of writing, has this great bag on sale for $66.99.

The GPS Outdoors Tactical Rifle bag is available in black and FDE. It has a limited one-year warranty and, when ordered from GunMag Warehouse, has a 60-day return. Even though you need to separate the upper and lower receivers to fit a full-size AR-15 in this bag, I prefer the shorter case compared to a longer one. It makes it easier to store when not using it and more convenient when traveling.

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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