GLOCK 43X and 48 Mags are Now In

glock 43X and 48 mags

GLOCK shook things up at SHOT Show this year with their news of the 43x and the 48. The two guns have everyone talking about GLOCK’s strategies. One thing is certain–they now have a gun for just about every size. From the full sized 17 to the compact 43, GLOCK knows 9mms. The G43X and G48, like the 19X before them, fill in those gaps.

The 43 and 48 from GLOCK’s booth at SHOT Show’s Range Day.

The 43X and the 48 Magazines

The 43X is basically a GLOCK 43 with a longer grip. The GLOCK 43X and 48 magazines increase capacity to 10 rounds, but still keeps with the 43’s single-stack design. As such, the GLOCK 43 mags will be too short to fit.

For those who want a bit more barrel, too, but the same thin profile, there’s the 48. The overall length is increased to just over 7 inches, but it is only 1.1 inch wide. This 9mm uses the same 10 round magazine that the 43X uses.

43X and 48 mags

The slim profile of the 43X single-stack grip.

I shot both of these at SHOT Show. I carried a GLOCK 42 for a couple of years. I loved the recoil response of the bigger .380. I switched to a 43 for the additional fire power, but I’m a diehard GLOCK 19 fan, and the 43’s grip always felt small in my hand.

The 43X fixes that for me. I can get an extra finger on the grip and the gun feels much more substantial in my hand. The GLOCK 48 is even better. It fits the hand and provides just a bit more length. For those of us on the larger side of the height spectrum, that extra length is no challenge to conceal.

43X and 48 mags glock magazines

The 48 has a bit more slide than the 43X, but the same grip.

Will the 43X create as much controversy as the 19X did? There were a ton of folks who couldn’t understand why GLOCK would marry the 17’s grip length with the 19’s shorter frame, but the gun has continued to sell well.

43X and 48 mags 19X

Still controversial: the 19X from GLOCK.

The 43X kicked off a similar debate. One of the big questions was why GLOCK added capacity with length instead of moving toward a slime-line double-stack like some of the competition, but GLOCK doesn’t have to answer for its actions. They’re GLOCK. This is still the gold-standard for the 9mm polymer pistol, and everyone else is playing catch-up.

You can get your 43X and 48 magazines here. And stay tuned, as some of the other magazine makers will be ramping up their 10-round single stacks soon.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Update. I originally assumed that the 43X mag would fit a normal 43 the way a G17 mag will work in a G19. It won’t. Several of you pointed out my error. I’ve actually tested this out now and have the details. The 43X mag won’t fit in the 43’s magazine well. It is a different width across the top. This suggests there’s more going on in the 43X that we’d originally thought. We’ll have more details soon.


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  • Matt Wagner

    Uh… “The 43X mags should work fine with a regular 43, though, and there will likely be grip extensions on the market soon enough.”

    Someone needs to do their homework a bit better. The new 43X & 48 mags are completely different from the regular 43 mags, they will NOT fit in a 43.

    • Chief Mac


    • Mike Strunk

      You are correct!

    • pj47tech

      Yup, Matt is correct. I got my 48 a few weeks ago and at my local range we tried a 43X/48 mag in a 43 – it will NOT fit.

    • David Higginbotham

      Yeah. That’s me. I made a very well informed and foolish assumption. My bad. Correction added.

  • Mike Strunk

    I don’t believe the G43X or G48 will fit in the G43! Glock shafted G43 owners. Some holsters don’t fit either.

    • ej harbet

      Fab defense makes a great 10round
      Extender for the g43 6rd mag.good for the all important shtf reload and the person who wants his ccw to double as a home defense pistol.

  • GomeznSA

    David – the G43 is the subcompact – the G19 is the ‘compact’ – and the 43X and 48 are simply solutions to a problem that does not exist – Gun Mag Warehouse sells ETS extended mags that work extremely well for the G43 – and one can buy a whole bunch of them for what either of the ‘new’ guns cost.

    • David Higginbotham

      To each his own, right? Many companies try to fill the gaps in widths and sizes. I can’t say it is right or wrong. I’m still carrying my 19.