GC-114 | Interviewing Instructor Zero


Instructor Zero

Jeco Biccelli: What you don’t know.

In Gunfighter Cast Episode GC-114, I conduct the longest interview Instructor Zero’s history.  We talked about the 2nd Amendment through the eyes of an Italian and contrastingly, the defense challenges inside the EU.  Zero also answered questions that many people have asked, like why he wears the Aussie flag and a lot more.

Instructor Zero and the Second Amendment

“…basically, what I try to explain is that if you have a lot of shooters and you put all the sheep inside a pen, and you’re going to remove the sheepdogs, you need to ensure that the wolf never gets inside. Otherwise, for the wolf it will be very easy to kill all the sheep. And this is what’s exactly what’s happening now in Europe…” IZ

Instructor Zero up close

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Instructor Zero with the troops

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