GC-076 Post Election Purchasing for Gun Loving Consumers

In this episode, John and Daniel discuss purchasing plans in light of the election results and how those results impact gun-loving consumers. After the last election, demand for firearms and ammunition went sky-high, and it looks like the same thing is happening again. 

12-2-20 This article was originally recorded waaaay back in 2012: we think you’ll find it remains eerily relevant. 

Comment below with what you think might be new or evolved issues to be aware of. 

Listen in to their discussion about ammunition and firearm purchases, and even long term food storage. They also cover ways to budget preparedness purchasing into your lifestyle. 

Daniel has over 15 years of experience as a Marine Infantryman. John has over 20 years of experience as a law enforcement officer. Combined, the two have about thirty years as firearms instructors, 32 years of experience carrying concealed weapons.

Gunfighter cast cohosts John McGregor and Daniel Shaw

Post Election Purchasing for Gun Loving Consumers

Co-Hosts: John McGregor and Daniel Shaw

Introduction/Timeline: Stephanie Kimmell

1:26 America just had an election. We all know the outcome of that. It wasn’t exactly the outcome that Second Amendment supporters were going after, but it is what it is and now we have to deal with it. 

4:23 Vote for Gunfighter Cast at the Podcast Awards, found under the Education category. We want to win that Podcast Award for Best in Education 2012. This could be the only election that has a positive outcome for something to do with gun rights if we win. It’s already positive that Gunfighter cast is in it, but it could be even more positive if we win. 

5:04 Based on the elections and Diane Feinstein wasting no time talking about banning magazines and pistol grips, black sharp foldy thingies, and anything else that they don’t understand… is there anything that Daniel’s going to be purchasing in the short term in anticipation of the things to come?

Daniel explains that they stumbled onto this topic. Originally they were planning to talk about something else, and then in general conversation, they started talking about buying a gun or making an ammo purchase. John asked Daniel what he was concerned about could go away considering the election results. Within a couple of minutes, they were in a passionate conversation about something they were really concerned about, so they decided to stop talking and record it.

Protecting Our Gun Rights

6:10 With the recent elections and the political climate, we’re very close to getting losses on the gun side of things. We’ve go to stay on top of it, first of all. We can’t let up. We’ve got to join the different organizations that we always talk about but never show up for like the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, US Concealed Carry Association, and local agencies.

Support gun rights organizations. NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, US Concealed Carry Association.

Join them. Support them, and get involved. Don’t just give them money. If you have the time, then get involved to help combat some of this stuff. 

If one of our Supreme Court judges dies or retires. we are going to be in a serious world of hurt. We have got to get on top of this and stay on top of it. 

We try not to be too political on this show but this is something that is very important to all of us.


7:24 The first purchase Daniel made was ammunition. The reason he did that was that maybe it’s going to get hard to do so seeing how ammo registration and serialization have already been pushed. But the main reason behind his purchase of ammunition is because the last time the president was elected, ammo prices went through the roof. The President has been called the “Best Gun Salesman in History.” Well, he’s been the best ammo salesman as well.

Best Gun Salesman in History - President Obama

Ammo prices went through the roof back then, and Daniel expects them to do the same thing this time. Judging by what people are posting online, an astronomical amount of ammunition was purchased the day after the election. Daniel says he added to that number. He went ahead and bought some before the election.

He didn’t buy the ammo so that he could start a militia or do anything crazy. He’s been excited for the last three years to get back to the US, and when he gets back he wants to be able to carry on with his life. For him, that includes going the range and shooting his guns, training, having fun and taking shooting courses. He can’t do that if he can’t afford ammo. So he went ahead and bought a large amount of ammunition for those purposes. Of course, he’ll keep some for carrying and some around the house for an emergency, just in case.

I bought ammo because I don’t want it to get where I can’t afford it in the near future.

Is Reloading an Option?

8:40 With rising ammo prices, what about reloading?

Daniel says he plans on getting into reloading. He doesn’t so much want to get into rifle calibers at first. He wants to learn how to reload a 9mm. That’s the only thing he’s really concerned with reloading right now because that’s what he shoots the most. But eventually, he wants to have a decent amount of ammunition in various calibers.

Side note: going back to that mention of Diane Feinstein going after evil black guns and everything else they don’t understand, Daniel thinks the lever-action category may be ok. It’s a very good repeating rifle, so Daniel’s been looking at buying some ammunition in calibers that are fired through lever action such as .30-30, .45-70 and some other stuff. 

But eventually, as far as reloading, Daniel does want to start reloading 5.56 and when he does pick up that AK-74, he’s going to go ahead and buy that stuff because it’s cheap anyway. Hopefully, it stays cheap and stays available.

John says right now he’s in a pretty good position as far as ammo goes. To this point, he’s never gotten into reloading but things could change and it is something that he is interested in.  

Daniel says he thinks it is important for people to keep a little bit of ammo. Whether it’s to protect your family or just so you can go out and keep doing the things you do, whether it’s shoot IDPA or take shooting courses. You can’t get better if you don’t have ammo. If it gets scarce again, it gets really expensive.  

Gun Purchases

11:05 What about hardware? Any firearm purchases based on recent events?

Not really for Daniel. He does still want to get that pistol that they’ve talked about a few times, a 226 Elite Dark. He thinks it’s hastened his want to get that AK-74 but he’s still not super close to getting that. About three months ago, he bought five lower receivers and an upper receiver to match one of the lowers. That was in anticipation of the elections because maybe you might not be able to get them for some reason. He thinks they are a good investment to have a few lowers in case there is a ban that’s similar to the last assault weapons ban. If that happens, he’s going to have serial numbers that will be considered pre-ban guns. 

John agrees that investing a little at a time early on is certainly the smarter way to do it. It’s going to be hard to find as many rifles hanging on the wall with prices with a reasonable MSRP because the guy running the gun store can’t get them for those prices now. He’s going to have to pay more to re-supply himself. 

Gun shop walls becoming bare
Pc: Michael Macor.

Just as something to gauge how things are going right now, the Sig Sauer Academy pro shop sold a significant amount of product before noon the next morning after the elections.

12:48 Why the rush on guns and ammunition?

There are a lot of people who are concerned, and Daniel doesn’t think they are a bunch of tin-foil hat wearers. Folks are paying attention to what’s going on, listening to the words of our government officials—and some of those are scary. As he said before, we’ve got to protect it and prepare for the worst. 

John says it’s happening on a couple of levels. People are worried about the whole political climate, wondering if the government is going to take these things away or make them illegal. On the other side of it, even if those things don’t come to pass, we’re going to have a hard time getting the things that we want, at least in the short term, just because of supply and demand. People go out and buy things in anticipation, expecting it to get a little harder to get things that they could have bought easily just a month ago. 


15:04 What about high capacity magazines—PGMAGs or the sort?  

Daniel scoffs, “Oh, you’re talking about standard capacity magazines? Uh, yeah.”

John says, “Just throwing in some politico-speak in case they’re listening.”

PMAG Gen 3 chosen by Marine Corps

Daniel says he’s got a stupid amount of 30-round magazines. He would like to get some more PMAGs or some SureFire magazines, but he’s not so worried about the AR side as he’s pretty set in that genre of magazines. He would like to pick up a few more Glock magazines, especially since they’re all going to fit in all his different Glock 9mm’s that he might have. And, he’ll probably pick up some Sig magazines for that new Sig pistol. He’s also pretty set on Beretta magazines, but he could always use a few more. 

Really, it wasn’t all that long ago that the Clinton-era gun ban caused a substantial rise in Glock magazines. Maybe some people will stock up on those, just for the investment potential.

And there’s definitely some investment potential in that if something like a gun ban were to come down, without a doubt. Especially with ARs. If you build an AR over time, you pay maybe a thousand bucks for it. You can build a pretty sexy one, for sure. But after a ban, the value for that AR more than doubles. But…if you sell it, then you don’t have it any more. 

Daniel remembers seeing pre-ban guns with absolutely no furniture or aftermarket upgrades whatsoever selling for $2500 to $3000 during the bans last time.

Don’t Forget About Food Storage

17:02 What about food storage?

It’s something Daniel is concerned about. When he attended a Foreign Weapons Instructor course in Virginia he went to a couple of gun shows and at one of them, he met a marine and his wife. They were promoting a company called Shelf Reliance. Daniel started talking to them and tasted their food, and was really impressed with it. It was good food, mostly freeze dried, with a shelf life of around 25 years. 

shelf reliance long term food storage

He found the website and watched if for a couple of months and read the update emails the company sent. What really turned him on about it was that he could get on the website and calculate what he needed to do to feed his family for six months. He set goals for achieving that and recently he decided to go ahead with his plan. 

He’s getting ready to retire from the Marine Corps and doesn’t know what kind of work he’ll have when he gets out. So he wants to be prepared in case of a natural disaster, civil unrest, zombies…whatever the case may be. It’s possible the family could go through some hard times if they just have to live off his retirement check. If he’s got a six month supply of food in his house that will last 25 years, they’ll be prepared.

On the website, he was able to set up shipments. He figured out his budget, set up exact payment dates for his card to be billed, and where the food is to be shipped to on those dates. By the time Daniel gets back to the states in January, he’s going to have a large amount of food that can sustain his family for a long period of time. 

I don’t know if this is the best food out there, I’m not that much into long-term food storage. I don’t know everything about this stuff, but it worked for me.

The website, if you’re interested, is www.shelfreliance.com. sorry, no referral code. Maybe all the podcast listeners can flash mob Shelf Reliance. Tell them you heard about them on Gunfighter Cast. 

John mentions that he lives in the northeastern part of the country where they don’t usually see a lot of natural disasters. However, with the recent hurricane followed by a nor-easter, they’re seeing what happens when people haven’t done any preparation for such events. People don’t really understand how fragile the life-line is until they’re only one day away from not having a food supply anymore.

This kind of preparation doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the recent elections. Economic downturns, natural disasters, and just bad times happen. If you get a food storage supply set up and the bad times don’t happen, eventually you can just eat it and replenish the supply. 

Send Us Some Feedback

24:08 What are Gunfighter Cast listeners doing for their preparations?

John and Daniel hope to get some feedback, as they’re curious about what others are doing. Are you one of those people at the gun store buying up everything in sight or are you taking a moderate approach? Do you think Daniel and John are crazy for buying anything at all? They want to hear what you have to say. 

Make sure you go over to the Freedom Network and join and start a discussion or join John and Daniel in other discussions. 

25:05 Go to gunfightercast.com and click on shirts and check out the new t-shirts. They’re going to be ready to ship out really soon. 

26:15 John mentions other shows that are supportive of Gunfighter Cast. If you aren’t already, listen to the Urban Shooter podcast, Gun Dudes, and Safety Solutions Academy.

28:33 In conclusion, Buy some ammo. And guns. And get some long term food storage. Make sure you have guns! 

Gunmag Training's Chief Instructor Daniel Shaw is a retired US Marine Infantry Unit Leader with multiple combat tours and instructor titles.  Since retirement from the Marine Corps, Daniel teaches Armed Citizens and Law Enforcement Officers weapons, tactics and use of force. Daniel takes his life of training and combat experience and develops as well as presents curriculum to help Law Enforcement, US Military and Responsible Armed Citizens prepare for a deadly force encounter.  When he isn't directing marketing for Gunmag Warehouse, Daniel travels the US teaching and training under Gunmag Training, and discusses all things hoplological and self-defense related on The MagLife Podcast.

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