GC-039 Micro Cast 1, Surviving Natural Disaster in Japan

  Look for new micro cast periodically throughout the day and the next day or so as my family and I await an imminent Tsunami and prepare for the high possibility of more earthquakes.  I have gotten numerous emails and face book messages from listeners and friends checking on us and want you all to […]

Gunmag Training's Chief Instructor Daniel Shaw is a retired US Marine Infantry Unit Leader with multiple combat tours and instructor titles.  Since retirement from the Marine Corps, Daniel teaches Armed Citizens and Law Enforcement Officers weapons, tactics and use of force. Daniel takes his life of training and combat experience and develops as well as presents curriculum to help Law Enforcement, US Military and Responsible Armed Citizens prepare for a deadly force encounter.  When he isn't directing marketing for Gunmag Warehouse, Daniel travels the US teaching and training under Gunmag Training, and discusses all things hoplological and self-defense related on The MagLife Podcast.

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