Slide Mounted Red Dots On Small Pistols By Galloway Precision


My EDC CCW is a Sig Sauer P938. I have modified it a bit so I pay attention to any interesting developments with the pistol. Step in Eric Galloway of Galloway Precision. He machined a Sig P938 slide and made a mounting plate for a Shield Sights JPoint MRDS. Add a tall front sight and you have a slide mounted red dot with cowitnessing irons on a SigP938!



The ShieldSights JPoint is the smallest red dot that I know of. When mounted onto a Glock MOS, the factory Glock sights will co-witness with the JPoint.  No other mini red dot sight (MRDS) can claim that. So I see why Eric went with this optic over other red dots.


My only compliant is the front sight does not have the tritium insert like the factory irons. I am not a fan of black blade sights. I prefer some contrast. Even a fiber optic rod would be better than this. But that is merely my personal preference. Im really using the JPoint 99% of the time and the irons are just there as a backup.

P938 irons


Right now Galloway Precision has a 10% sale on the custom milling and optic mounting plate.

Our in house work package includes optic mount plate, milling of the slide, front sight and installation of all for $225 which includes return shipping and insurance. Email [email protected] for any questions and shipping instructions.

The optic plate and custom milling also works on the smaller Sig P238 pistol.

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Eric also works on M&P Shields. The Shield is a simple custom milling job. No mounting plate needed like the P938. As you can see below, the slide still has the factory iron sights.

Shield slide 1

slide 2


And yes, the factory iron sights still co-witness the JPoint.

cowitness 1

cowitness 2


Here is the M&P Shield compared to my M&P9 CORE. Both have the JPoint red dot. Layed out they do not look that much different.

Core compare 1

Core compare 2


Core compare 3


It is only when you look at them from the top, you can really see how much smaller the Shield is compared to the full size CORE.

Core compare 4


While the M&P Shield customization is not listed on Galloway Precision’s website, you can contact them about this custom mill work.

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