Are We Losing the Rule of Law?


The following opinion comes from Mr. Jay Jacobson of Franklin Armory. It is repeated in its entirety here. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.”

With this in mind, I cannot stand aside and watch what is happening to our society without giving voice.

On February 12th, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average enjoyed a record high, closing at 29,551.42 points.1 A little over one month later, on March 23, 2020, the DOW had plummeted 37% to close at 18,591.93.2 While there has been a significant rebound from the lows of March, our economic framework is visibly damaged.

The Federal Government increased our National Debt by at least another $2 trillion dollars in March.3 The U.S. Gross Domestic Product shrank 5.0% last quarter.4 Unemployment went from under 4% in February to over 13% in May.5 Currently, there are 21,000,000 people unemployed. And even today, many states still have COVID-19 closure orders preventing the bourgeoisie (to borrow a Marxist term) from fully returning to work.

In my lifetime, I have not observed my country in such a fragile condition exposed to threats both internal and external. Destructive rioting has demonstrated what happens when the police cannot respond. The looting and destruction of businesses have produced a further drag on our economy that has yet to be quantified. How many more people will be unemployed simply because the business they would have returned to has now been vandalized beyond recognition? In the midst of this destruction, there is now a call for a permanent injunction against law and order as the chants, slogans and calls ring out for “Defund the Police!” One has to ask why? What is the end goal?

No one with a conscience can watch the murder of Mr. George Floyd without noting the callous depravity of now-former Officer Derek Chauvin. The country is united in this opinion. Yet, suddenly we will find ourselves in a world that appears antithetical unto itself. By calling for the abolition of the police, some believe their community will be safer. There are unintended consequences of heading down a path that will lead to disparity, depression, and chaos.

Recently a Minneapolis City Council Representative, Lisa Bender, was quoted as saying that the mere act of calling the police “comes from a place of privilege.” This is true. It is, however, an American privilege where we are all equally protected by the Constitution. She went on to say, “For those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in the reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”6

Lisa Bender

Ms. Bender clearly demonstrates that collectivism brings humanity to the lowest common denominator. By defunding or abolishing complete agencies, she is advocating wholesale anarchy. Has she never read Animal Farm or Lord of the Flies?

Animal Farm: all animals are equal

If we defund the police, then anarchists will continue to loot. If more businesses are looted and destroyed, then our economy will be further destabilized. If our economy becomes unstable, then investment will seek safe havens outside of the United States. If U.S. investment should decline, then unemployment will surely increase. If more unemployed Americans are forced to become dependent upon government sustenance, then they will vote for those that will guarantee a meager stipend over an alternative that will only provide an opportunity for success. In short, we will cease to be a free-market economy, and the United States will cease to exist as we know it.

Certainly, if this modern movement were to succeed, the police would not be abolished. A new force not bound by the rule of law would simply replace the traditional police. We have already witnessed this phenomenon in the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

How is this justice?

The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies is an object lesson in what happens when society abandons the rule of the law; all too many real life events do the same in even more disturbing fashion. DR

By claiming “All lives matter,” one is labeled as a bigot. In truth, for all lives to matter, black lives must matter too. In Luke 10:27, Jesus made it very clear that we are all commanded to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” And later in that same chapter, he gave us the Parable of the Good Samaritan as an example of who our neighbor is. Employing that parable today, we all should be committed to look past the superficial differences and serve one another.

It was Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Let us find solace in the knowledge that Derek Chauvin has been fired, arrested, and indicted for the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin will ultimately be judged by a jury of his peers. The voices of peaceful resistance have been heard. Justice will be served.

The reader might be wondering why a simple gun manufacturer would ever feel compelled to say anything about a complex public policy matter. John Hancock was a merchant (including a firearms merchant) that realized, as the rule of law was deposed, our society was set to devolve into further tyranny. John Hancock’s prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence was clearly a risky move that could have led to his arrest and probable execution. Like him, we all should speak out before groups like Antifa take our country to a tipping point. Political correctness, and now brute force, are being employed to stifle reason and speech.

I urge the silent majority to make your voice heard. Stand up for justice and for the preservation of our communities, our constitution, and our country. And in case there was any doubt, let me say that I support the rule of law and every law enforcement officer and agency that maintains their oath to equally protect and defend the Constitution.


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Featured image: BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – 2020/06/01: A participant holding a Defund Police sign at the protest. Hundreds of protesters gathered flooded the streets of Crown Heights in Brooklyn to demand the defunding of the police force and to demonstrate against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death by Officer Derek Chauvin who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than 8 1/2 minutes, including 2 1/2 minutes after Floyd became unresponsive. (Photo by Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)

  • Charles Fox

    Great article. Spot on.

  • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

    I think this article is written by someone who has had time to think about what to say. It s a good article and my wish all of those involved in this Antifa takeover could take time to read it.
    They are the ones that are hell-bent on distorying our country.
    If it were a call I had to make, I’d have to move in on the CHAZ area and remove them, as peaceful as possible. If they resist, then take the appropriate action.

  • mercenary76

    this is another phase in the takeover of america by marxists . both antifa and blm are marxist led . the only end is the abolishment of the republic replaced by a socialist government with a gestapo like enforcement arm . china probably has their hands in this too since obviously they helped with the wu flu . george soros may or may not be financing it but the money is coming from somewhere . the only way to fix this is to counter the revolution now while there is time . if you do not agree with these statements you have only to look online at the blueprints for a marxist takeover , google at least for now is your friend . maybe not completely but enough to verify what is going on .

  • ej harbet

    Well said sir.

  • helopilot

    It’s refreshing to see a business leader speak the truth instead of bending the knee to the mob.

  • nevetsmn

    The Job of the Police is simple –
    1.) Uphold the Constitution and obey the Bill of Right.
    2.) Obey the Law.
    3.) Enforce the Law.
    4.) Do so in a reasonable Common Sense and Compassionate way.

    But we have Police with a – Shoot First and Ask Questions Later – mentality. I can think of several examples of this. Police routinely frame suspects, plant evident, plant guns as a justification for shooting someone, grossly violate the Constitution, and the list goes on.

    At one time we could say this was Bad Apples, but when a Good Apple stands by and does nothing while a Bad Apple repeatedly breaks the law and violated the Bill of Rights, then those Good Apples become complicit in the Crime.

    The call to Defund the Police is really a call to Re-Fund or Re-Priorities the Police. If you build the Police into a Military Power, then that is exactly how they will act. In the recent riots, we saw plenty of police cracking the heads of protestors, but I have yet to see any video footage or photos of the Police attacking Looters. And in many cases, the Police arrested the owners of businesses, and left their businesses to be looted.

    There are indications that the Police were complicit in the Riots, that they provoked such action so they had a reason to put all their riot gear to good use. Odd that pallets of Bricks mysteriously appeared at the sites of most Riots. Odd that the Police who have video footage of everything else, can’t figure out who had the logistical ability it drop an extremely heavy Pallet of Bricks in the middle of a busy city with no one noticing. Odd that they don’t seem to be investigating this at all.

    Here is what we demand from the Police –
    1.) Uphold the Constitution and obey the Bill of Right.
    2.) Obey the Law.
    3.) Enforce the Law.
    4.) Do so in a Reasonable Common Sense and Compassionate way.

    That is their job. Their job is not to be criminal bullying armed thugs trying to intimidate everyone they meet.

    Yes, being a Police-Person is a high stress risky job – but – that is precisely the job they signed up for. There job is not to make sure THEY get home safe at night, but to make sure WE get home safe at night.

    On a recent Joe Rogan podcast, a guest called for increasing funding for the Police, but not in Military style training which only encourages barbarism, but real tactical training, in both combat and in de-escalation. According to the guest, who I think might have been a Navy Seal, the Police should spend about 20% of their time in a variety of training and tactics. And while this does not fit with De-Funding the Police, it does most certainly fit with re-prioritizing the Police.

    But on the issue of De-funding the Police, there are Police Departments that have become so corrupt and dysfunctional, that the only choice a City had was to completely abolish them and to start fresh. That is an option in many Cities. If they can’t or won’t be reformed, then they have to be abolished, not to have no Law Enforcement but to reform into Law Enforcement that OBEYS THE LAWS.

    • No safety

      You make a lot of blind accusations, none backed by any fact or data. Sit down and take a breath! Sure, some agencies are “corrupt” – more likely the smaller ones. Seattle PD might even be one. Not corrupt in the way you seem to assert, rather corrupt to the point they will NOT allow their officers uphold law. They (the admin) are more likely to bend the knee to the anarchists and socialist politicians who are in power. You are more likely to be wronged by a teacher, clergy member or lawyer than you are a cop. Do some unbiased research before you spew such gibberish. On the matter of more tactical/de-escalation training for cops; THE COPS HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR YEARS!! The PD’s across the country get their money from the gov’t. Their budgets are controlled from on high. There’s a saying amongst cops: if you want training, you’ll have to pay for it yourself, and many do.

  • Zero Nada

    To Re-establish order Shoot ALL Rioters, Looters & Violent BLM & Antifa otherwise you are just Sucking their Dicks & Bending Over to Take it Up Your Ass. Stop Pretending that this is Not a Full Blown Marxist Revolution. This is Nothing like the 60’s I saw it & this is FAR WORSE. But in today’s Pussified America you have to Talk so you Don’t Hurt these Bitches Feelings & then They Demand 1 Insane Edict after Another & Government, Churches, Big Business, Pro Sports & Now College Sports Must Genuflect at the Alter of Satan. You can Pray to Jesus for Peace while You Lock & Load & Prepare to Kill Demons. Cheers!

  • michaelh

    There are a few original and worthy thoughts in there, but you seem to have consumed the Fox News Kool Aid.

    I’m surprised that so many second amendment proponents, who decry tyrrany when it comes to their gun rights and would spout “from my cold dead hands” as a response to certain gun control measures–also a questionable stance toward the rule of law– can’t analogize those rights to black Americans decrying tyrannical laws and policing policies that prioritize property rights over black Americans actual lives. The founders broke laws and rioted to make this country to improve their lives. When normal peaceful protests and taking a knee at sporting events doesn’t change the epidemic of black people being killed needlessly by police, maybe riots and tearing down statues of historical figues who owned black people is the only way to really get our attention. Hopefully some good will come from the pain caused to innocent property owners and/or the shareholders of their insurance companies.

    Other things: I don’t think you really know what collectivism is, what Marxism is and how to apply what those terms mean to the American political sphere.

    Obviously my comments won’t be a popular view on this forum. I’ll post it to give some diversity of opinion but don’t intend to revisit any additional comments.