Franklin Armory CA-Compliant CA320 Pistol

Another pistol has been approved by the California Department of Justice Laboratory Certification and Handgun Testing process, allowing it to be listed on the State’s “Roster of Certified Handguns.” The Franklin Armory CA320 handgun. Franklin Armory, the US-based firearms and accessories manufacturer, has three other models on that list.

With the CA320 pistol being listed on that roster, California State residents can now purchase the pistol. The CA320 is said to be highly sought after by those residents and is a reliable, California-compliant pistol. The CA320 allows owners to have a handgun that is similar in performance to the Sig Sauer P320.

Franklin Armory CA320 pistol
Franklin Armory has another pistol on the “Roster of Certified Handguns” for the state of California with the CA320 pistol. It joins three other FA pistols on the registry and gives California residents a pistol with a performance similar to a P320. (Photo credit: Franklin Armory)

The CA320 is the first optics-ready pistol to be put on the Roster. It comes with factory night sights. Additionally, the CA320 has an ambidextrous safety and, according to the company, is potentially compatible with Sig P320 grip modules. It is chambered in 9x19mm.

“CA320 builds upon Franklin Armory’s trailblazing track-record of firearms innovation,” said the company’s President Jay Jacobson. “CA320 is further affirmation of Franklin Armory’s enduring commitment to support the Second Amendment rights of Americans living in restrictive jurisdictions.”

The three other Franklin Armory models on the Roster in California are the CA7, CA11, and CA12. The CA7 is chambered in 5.56 NATO and was the first AR pistol on the Roster. The CA11 is an AR pistol chambered in .300 Blackout while the CA12 is chambered in .350 Legend as an AR pistol.

One source showed the CA320 listed at just under $1,000, but no information regarding the pistol was readily available. However, FFL holders from the state of California can reach out to Franklin Armory for more information or check them out at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas.

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