Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit

Fix It Sticks have been around for several years now. The company started off in the cycling industry and then branched into firearms. If you are not aware, these two industries typically don’t have much bleed over. They are basically cats and dogs. Once, I asked a question about a product that I was going to purchase for an article in another publication that has guns in it on occasion, and was met with very anti-gun sentiment. So it’s awesome that a company that deals in both industries is flourishing—on both sides.  Fix It Sticks has said that the firearms community is their larger customer though, so let’s talk about one of their very useful products.

Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit

The AR-15 Maintenance Kit consists of a pile of useful tools in a compact case that takes up to no space in your pack. This is not a builders kit, but it has pretty much everything you need to maintain your rifle, and attach or remove accessories.

Fix It Sticks AR-15 maintenance kit front with velcro and back with PALS webbing
The case of the Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit has PALS webbing on the back and a Velcro patch on the front.
Fixit Sticks AR-15 maintenance kit
The Fixit Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit is a nearly fully-featured maintenance kit that easily fits in your bag.

We say pretty much everything because it is missing a cleaning kit for your chamber and barrel and a torque driver. It does have some pretty handy cleaning bits in it that not all cleaning kits come with that can save you some time and frustration.

Fix It Sticks AR-15 maintenance kit - stick
The Fix It Sticks Stick has the perfect reach for getting into those annoying areas like inside your grip.

The Cleaning Bits

cleaning rod with gun cleaning tip
The two cleaning rod sections that come with the kit attach to the hex bit in the kit allowing you to screw on your favorite cleaning tip.

To clean your AR-15 or rifle that has a similar bolt you have a few items in your Maintenance Kit arsenal: two short sections of cleaning rods along with an area to add any screw-on brushes in between all the bits in the kit. You get a nylon brush that you can either use in the Sticks using the magnetic 1/4″ socket or screw it onto the cleaning rods if you really need to scrub.

nylon bristle brush
Everyone should really use a nylon bristle brush instead of steel when working on their rifles. It’s far safer for the finish.

The kit comes with a bronze carbon scraper that, much like the brush, attaches to the cleaning rods.

Fix It Sticks bronze scraper
The bronze scraper is perfect for the hard-to-get carbon and since it is softer than the steel of your bolt shouldn’t do any damage to it.

You can also take apart the 1/4″ bit adapter revealing an 8-32 thread since bronze is not magnetic if you want to attach it to the Sticks. You get a dental pick that much like the others can attach to both and it’s great for getting to the hard-to-reach areas. Last but not least is the bolt carrier group scraper which helps clean off all that nasty baked-on carbon because you never clean your gun your dirty person.

bolt carrier group scraper
Everyone knows the radius section at the back of the bolt can really collect carbon. This little bit makes cleaning it a breeze.

The Maintenance Stuff

castle nut wrench
The castle nut wrench in the kit does a great job for most things with a castle nut. You may need a beefier one if things are really stuck but you won’t have that with you out in the woods or at the range.

We build a lot of guns here. We mean, a lot, like some of the guns we have built cost more than the cars we drive. So good tools certainly matter to us.

The Sticks in the AR-15 Kit are the original version of their T-wrench. It consists of two silver Sticks that take a 1/4″ bit at either end and have a slot in the center. The bit adapter we talked about earlier is used to join them together into a T-Wrench or make them one long tool to get a bit of leverage when using the next tool.

The castle nut wrench is something everyone who uses an AR-15 should have on them. A properly staked castle nut should not come loose. When they do it can cause you some issues at the range. Why not have a tool for those just in case scenarios? We actually used it recently on our Maple Ridge Armory Renegade (more on that later) build when swapping from a carbine buffer tube to an A2 one when attaching the Magpul PRS and it easily broke the torque.

The T-Handle of the sticks provides just the right amount of force for pulling screws that you used Loctite on.

If you have an A2-style front sight post it comes with a fancy bit for adjusting it up and down for elevation. The kit comes with two pin punches: a plastic non-marring one and a thin steel punch. Along with all these tools, you get 12x 1/4″ screwdriver bits ranging from hex to Torx, along with Philips and common. These bits should cover just about any situation that comes up when installing parts and accessories.

Fix It Sticks bits in AR-15 maintenance kit
Some of the random bits along with the Sticks that come in the kit.

The Pouch

The Kit comes with well built MOLLE compatible pouch that comes in a multitude of colors—as long as you’re looking for black. The outside of the pouch has a 5″x3″ velcro section on it to attach patches or a name tag. We used it for the Fix It Sticks Magnetic Patch. There are certain small parts like the firing pin retaining pin that you just don’t want to sacrifice to the floor gods. With the magnetic patch, you can pop these small parts onto it and not worry about them migrating away.

Fix It Sticks magnetic pouch
The magnetic patch is perfect for keeping a grip on the small metal parts that you wouldn’t want to lose while doing emergency maintenance.

The pouch has two zippers with zipper pulls on them. If you want to quickly open the pouch put both the zippers on the top with a small gap. You can grasp the front and back and rip the clamshell pouch open.

Inside is a rubber bit holder that, as we said above, holds 1/4″ bits along with cleaning rod items like brushes in the center. The backside of the interior has three elastic loops, two of which hold the Sticks. The front side of the interior has an elastic mesh pouch with five elastic loops behind it for any other loose items you want to toss in the kit.

Fix It Sticks makes a ton of additional accessories.

If there are parts of the kit that you just don’t use and others you would prefer like say a bit for the front sight of a Glock or an Aimpoint sight adjustment tool your good. We will be going through our kit over the next little while and seeing what all we want to swap out as we just don’t need all of those bits in our range bag.

They do make a more generalized kit that would be great for building different firearms and attaching accessories since it includes a bunch of torque limiters. This kit would be great for mounting scopes although we would likely toss in their Scope Jack or an Arisaka Optic Leveler. If you have a Spuhr ISMS Scope Mount though you can just toss the wedge in your kit since it has a built-in leveling wedge.

Ryan Houtekamer comes from north of the 49th parallel. He enjoys building rifles, designing gun parts, and things that are olive drab. He has served for most of his life in the Canadian military first in the Artillery now as an Aircraft Structures Technician.


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