Do you load your magazines to full capacity?


Do you load your magazines to capacity?

This seemingly innocuous question evokes a very different response depending on whose answering and their life experiences. The average duck hunter would scoff, explaining that he uses a wooden dowel to prevent that because he doesn’t want a hefty fine from DNR.

A Vietnam veteran would tell you that doing so it tantamount to suicide, since early M16 20-round magazines would often fail if loaded past 17 rounds and stored too long. Glock users would tell you they normally load their mags to the brim, if their thumbs can take it.

Personally, I only load specific types of magazines to capacity – My AKM, Glock and G3 magazines. I do those because they don’t get prohibitively difficult to insert when fully loaded. My AR-15 magazines can be a tremendous pain in the ass to securely seat when filled to the brim. I’ve made the mistake of dropping a loaded mag from my AR-15’s mag well when pressing the bolt release because it wasn’t fully inserted.

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  • kayaker16

    I don’t load them full and let them sit. If I am loading up to carry, they yes, but unload later. I typically only load ten rounds at a time at the range into any mag simply to pace myself.

  • TJMann

    I load to the max whether Glock or AR-15. I make sure the bolt is locked open before inserting the mag in the AR.
    Some think that a fully loaded mag weakens the spring over time but in reality, it’s the number of cycles that affect the life of the spring.