Feel the Difference: Magpul’s Hunter Lite Stock & MS1 Lite Sling

Magpul has announced more product expansion with the Hunter Lite Savage AXIS Short Action stock for Savage AXIS rifles and the MS1 Lite Sling. Here are the details.

Hunter Lite Stock

The Hunter Lite stock for the Savage AXIS Short Action rifle is a quick and easy-to-install upgrade for Savage Axis rifles. According to Magpul, this is a purpose-built hunting stock that streamlines the original Hunter. It helps reduce the overall weight over the original, streamlines the dimensions, and provides a fully featured upgrade for the hunter that wants the features without the bulk.

Magpul Hunter Lite Stock
The Hunter Lite stock for the Savage Axis rifle is the latest upgrade to the Hunter line of stocks. It is lighter than the original Hunter with some upgrades along the way. (Photo credit: Magpul)

The updated Hunter AXIS stock for short action rifles is compatible with both right and left-hand rifles but just swapping an inlet insert in the stock. It has an aluminum V-bedding with steel pillars to prevent deformation and compression while being shot. The stock features integral sling swivel studs at the forend and buttstock that can be used with a variety of bipods and slings. The buttstock also features an adjustable LOP with spacers, adjustable comb height, and snap-on cheek rises for better ergonomics for the shooter.

The trigger guard of the stock has been enlarged to be used easier and more comfortable when wearing gloves. The stock also includes an ambidextrous magazine release while the magazine well has stamped steel over-insertion tabs to keep the magazine in the proper place.

The stock is available in black, FDE, Olive Drab Green, and stealth Gray. Coming from Magpul means that it features M-LOK slots for the shooter’s choice of accessories. It has a price tag of $219.95.

MS1 Lite Sling

The Magpul MS1 Lite Sling is a way to have a lighter and less bulky version of the popular Magpul sling. The MS1 is a compact one-inch sling made to resist rolling and twisting. The smaller profile means it reduces the chances of snagging or catching when in use.

Magpul MS1 Lite Sling
Magpul took its popular sling and made it more compact and lighter. At 1″ wide, the MS1 sling keeps Magpul’s anti-chafe and no-pill properties in place with the smaller package. (Photo credit: Magpul)

Magpul states the sling is a great choice for lightweight or smaller firearms and will accept an array of mounting options, like the Paraclip or QDM, to make it fully customizable for the system. Like other Magpul slings, the sling is designed to be comfortable with anti-chafing and no-pilling properties. The company put the sling to the test through some pretty harsh conditions to simulate actual use with great results.

The MS1 Lite sling is available in black, Stealth Gray, Coyote, and Ranger Green. It has a price tag of $39.95

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