Federal’s New Gold Medal Paper FITASC Loads

Paper was once the default material to make shotgun shells, but almost all shells on the market today have plastic hulls. While plastic has its advantages, paper shells were cheaper, gave a superior seal of the chamber on firing, and were naturally biodegraded. Now, paper shells are back in a big way with Federal Premium‘s new Gold Medal Match Paper FITASC rounds.

federal gold medal paper shells
What is old is new again with Federal’s new Gold Medal Match Paper 12-gauge shotgun shells. [Federal Premium]

The Gold Medal Match Paper loads were intended for quick-shooting FITASC competition with a proprietary 12-gauge Federal Premium paper shell and a comparatively light payload of birdshot, 28 grams or just under 1 ounce. That payload is further cushioned by a SoftCell cushion wad that allows for a lighter powder load while retaining good patterns on target. Each shell has a long brass head for positive extraction and ejection out of both manually operated and semi-automatic shotguns.

Although optimized for competition, these new paper options make for a field-friendly small game load. It is currently available with a 28-gram load of either No. 7.5 or No. 8 hardened lead birdshot and is packed in boxes of 25. These new shells are now available at select dealers with an MSRP of $20.99.

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