Federal Ammunition Releases New HammerDown .45 Colt Cartridge

Federal Ammunition, the Minnesota-based ammunition manufacturer, has expanded on its popular HammerDown lever-action ammunition line with the release of the .45 Colt 250-grain cartridge. Building on the standard as the only ammunition series specifically designed for optimum function, reliability, and overall performance, the new cartridge option joins seven other options from Federal Ammunition.

Made specifically for lever-action rifles, the nickel-plated cases were designed in partnership with Henry Repeating Arms. The HammerDown rounds have been customized for the best ballistics and terminal performance from those same and other lever-action rifles. The bullets provide the best-in-class expansion and weight retention on impact with molecularly bonded soft point bullets, according to the company.

Federal Ammunition HammerDown .45 Colt 250 grain ammo
Federal Ammunition has released the newest addition to the HammerDown series of ammunition with the 250-grain .45 Colt cartridge. This ammunition has been specifically designed for lever-action rifles with better ballistics and function than traditional rounds. [Photo credit: Federal Ammunition]
“We are thrilled to add the .45 Colt, designed for lever-action rifles, to our HammerDown lineup. This is another popular straight-wall cartridge that hunters and shooters are actively seeking out,” said Federal Ammunition Handgun Product Manager Chris Laack. “One of the enhanced design features found in all HammerDown ammo is that we chamfered the front face of the case rim on all the nickel-plated cases. This removes any sharp edges to increase the reliability of feeding. All the benefits HammerDown delivers will greatly enhance your shooting experience.”

According to reports, the ammunition functions flawlessly in a side gate loading and tubular magazines, in part thanks to the geometry of the modified chambered case for easier feeding. The HammerDown ammunition has increased velocities and performance within the pistol cartridges. The family of ammunition is now available in the .45 Colt, .45-70 Govt, .444 Marlin, .30-30 Win, .357 Magnum, .327 Federal, and .44 Remington Magnum. Now shipping to select dealers, the .45 Colt 250-grain cartridges are available at $39.99 for a 20-round box.

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