ETS Group Carbon Smoke Series Magazines: A Hazy Appearance with Crystal Clear Results

The Elite Tactical Systems Group, the manufacturer of popular magazine options, has expanded its line of magazines to include the Carbon Smoke Series magazines. ETS Group states it is committed to producing superior products at affordable prices, especially at a time when costs are rising all around.

Elite Tactical Systems Group Carbon Smoke Series Magazines
ETS has upgraded its family of magazines to include the Carbon Smoke Series of magazines. These dark-colored translucent magazines are resistant to UV, chemicals, and impacts making them a solid choice for any shooter. (Photo credit: Elite Tactical Systems Group)

These dark smoke-colored magazines are resistant to impacts and chemicals, as well as UV rays. Constructed from a proprietary blend of polymers, these magazines will stand the test of time and resist cracking or breaking, and will not become brittle over time even in harsh conditions, according to the ETS Group. The translucent body allows the shooter to easily see how many rounds are left and what type of ammo is loaded. Additionally, the magazines come with enhanced features like non-tilt followers and creep-resistant feed lips meaning the lips and body won’t’ spread when the magazines are stored long-term fully loaded.

ETS Group has a newly built manufacturing facility that gives the company better control over the quality and efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. This has paved the way for this new Carbon Smoke Series line of magazines, which the company says is built better than ever and priced to give users the most out of their money. 

The Carbon Smoke Series is available in different models and round options and are robust as they are reliable. ETS prides itself on being a leading manufacturer of some of the toughest polymer magazines. The company’s drive for no-compromise commitment to its customers is seen in the material selection, product selection, and customer service. The Carbon Smoke Series magazines, like other ETS products, are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.

The ETS Carbon Smoke Series of magazines are available for Glock, AR15, HK, Smith & Wesson, MP5, CZ Evo, and Sig firearms and have a price tag starting at $14.49.

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