ETS Glock Magazines- Transparent Perfection

ETS Glock Magazines

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ETS Glock Magazines are probably the most eye-catching handgun mags on the market. Their transparent design does catch the eye, especially when they are loaded. ETS makes a ton of Glock magazines in a variety of different calibers. They focus on the 9mm, 40 S&W, and even a few 380 ACP models. Glock magazines go beyond the Glock handgun design and have found their way into rifles of all kinds. This has made the Glock aftermarket quite populous, so how do the ETS Glock magazines stack up? I have a few 31 rounders and a Glock 17 to find out.

See What You Shoot

Design Details

These are extendos, completely transparent, and as I mentioned hold 31 rounds of 9mm. They can use standard Glock baseplates and are compatible with most aftermarket options. These specific magazines are one of many. They make magazines in a variety of capacities to accommodate more discrete carry with standard capacities as well as length limitations for competition. There are even extended models for the Glock 43 and 42, which I’m both fascinated and confused by.

Lots of Options

Down and Dirty with the ETS Glock magazines

The ETS Glock Magazines are easy to load and the transparent nature makes the follower, spring, and ammo relationship front and center. Honestly, things get really odd once you start seeing the rounds compress the spring. I never knew just how crazy and disorganized a loaded mag looks.

Looking fine with the ETS Glock Magazines

The ETS Glock magazines accommodate ambidextrous releases and are basically Gen 4 magazines in design. They lock in with ease and there is no play in the magazine. They function like a champ with both Glock pistols and my Kel Tec rifle.

Once triggers start being pulled the mags work like a dream. I’ve used these mags for well over a year, mostly with carbines, and have yet to have an issue. A few rifle companies are even packaging ETS magazines with their Glock based lowers.

Mags for Days

They work with brass, aluminum, and even steel ammo. Steel ammo, especially Winchester Forged, is dry and can make magazines hang up. However, the ETS Glock magazines run like a champ.

The little lip on the base pad makes it easier to pull the magazine from an SMG pouch, and on normal ETS magazines, it makes them easier to draw from a standard mag pouch. It’s a simple design, but the little refinements like that make them stand out.

Transparent red.

Transparent red. Or clear.

Final Thoughts

The ETS Glock magazines are well made, they look great, and they function brilliantly. They have a lifetime warranty to boot and seem to be willing to rapidly replace magazines when there are issues. I haven’t had those issues, and I’ve used and abused these magazines for some time. This includes leaving them loaded for extended periods of time. I’ve yet to run into a reason not to love them.

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

  • Delta 3Two

    BTW….one can order different colored followers from ETS for their magazines.. Yellow, orange, red, blue or green are available.

    • DEBETT’!


  • DEBETT’!



    SENT ALL BAK – IMMEDIATELY!!! TOLD THEM THEY NEEDED TO GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD ON GLOCK 43 MAGs!! (Friend has the above. was puzzled when I told him. said his -for GLOCK 17 – worked great. Oh well!) NOT A VERY GOOD “FIRST” IMPRESSION FOR ME & ETS MAGs.

    • Howard

      Sux to be you, eh? Let’s see a show of hands of just how many others have experienced “problems” such as you claim to have endured and encountered.
      Go ahead.
      I’ll wait……..
      There Ya go.
      Few (if ANY) have dealt with your claimed issues so while it certainly is possible you managed to buy the ONLY defective magazines made by ETS on the PLANET (maybe in the UNIVERSE!) it seems to me, at least, there is more likely an issue of Headspace and Timing of the Operator.
      I’m curious, though……..
      IF you sent the “defective” mags back and asked for replacements or your money back, what was your experience thereafter?
      Meaning (assuming you received replacements) did they work properly for you from then on?
      Or IF you elected to go the refund route, what was your experience with the Customer Service folks and how timely was your refund handled?
      Lastly, if ETS would be kind enough to send ME those (supposedly and allegedly) defective magazines, I’d be willing to spend the time AND my ammo to verify or discredit your claims.
      What say you??

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  • Daryl

    The only jams I have ever had in my Glock have been with these clear mags. I know they are not %100 so I can practice clearing malfunctions. Use these for practice but use the real Glock magazines for SHTF situations.