EAA Imports Girsan MC1911 C 10mm Pistols

European American Armory Corporation (EAA), a Florida-based importer of European firearms to US consumers, has expanded its offerings to include the Girsan MC1911 C pistol in 10mm. The company strives to provide cutting-edge technology and quality to consumers with “good quality products at reasonable prices.”

EAA Girsan MC1911 C pistol in Dark Earth
European American Armory Corp (EAA) has imported the Girsan MC1911 C pistol chambered in 10mm. The pistol is available in four colors (Black, Dark Earth shown above, Stainless Steel, and Two-Toned). It comes standard with an accessory rail and super-sights with a fiber optic front. [Photo credit: EAA]
The Girsan MC1911 C pistol in 10mm is said to be a more manageable size for concealed carry with the stopping power the user needs. 10mm has gained in popularity over the last few years due to its increased power and performance, so the Girsan MC1911 C is an affordable option. The steel frame 1911 pistols fit the goal of EAA of affordability and durability.

“Normally when you try to get a smaller barrel on a handgun with more firepower there is some compromise but Girsan really found a way to make this smaller handgun a pleasure to shoot and be very accurate right out of the box.” said Keith Bernkrant, President of EAA Corp. “The feel and accuracy of a full-size handgun, with the stopping power of a 10mm? What’s not to love?”

The Girsan MC1911C pistol in 10mm has a 9+1 magazine capacity. An accessory rail is forward of the trigger guard on the steel frame. The barrel of the MC1911 C pistol is 4.4” long. The overall length is 8” so the pistol is still inside the carry pistol size range. It comes from the factory with a fiber optic front sight with a fully adjustable super-sight at the rear.

The Girsan MC1911 C in 10mm is great for everything from an easy-to-carry wilderness defense gun to something that replaces your EDC. The pistol is available in four color choices: Black/Blued, Dark Earth, Stainless Steel, and two-toned. The Black/Blued color model is available with two different sight options, 3 Dot Sights or Supersight. If the end user wants, it can be purchased with a compensator.

The Girsan MC1911 C pistol in 10mm is available now with an MSPR of $757 for all four color options.

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