Daniel Defense DD5 SBR

The Daniel Defense DD5 SBR is a 7.62 NATO carbine that offers all the benefits of the full sized rifles, in a smaller package. Here’s a quick rundown of its features.

Operator holding DD5 SBR
According to Daniel Defense, this carbine offers all the benefits of a full sized rifle, only in a smaller package.

The DD5 SBR boasts a 12.5” cold hammer forged proprietary steel chrome-lined barrel for a lifetime of accuracy and durability. Adding to the accuracy and durability of the rifle is the mid-length gas system and an adjustable gas block that allows for a consistent feel, shooting suppressed or unsuppressed.

The barrel of the DD5 SBR is attached with an innovative 4-bolt Connection System, a design that reportedly dramatically increases the connection surface area between the barrel and upper receiver for increased rigidity and stability according to Daniel Defense. This allows for better accuracy, to the level that is traditionally only found in high-end bolt action rifles.

DD5 SBR inn 7.62NATO on white
The DD5 SBR has a reportedly highly accurate and durable 12.5” cold hammer forged barrel with a mid-length gas system, and an adjustable gas block that will allow for consistent shooting suppressed or unsuppressed.

In the upper receiver, there is a super finished and DLC-coated bolt carrier group that allows for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and operability in all conditions. The bolt itself is machined from Advanced VAR Stainless Steel and incorporates enhanced extractor geometry and dual ejectors for reliable cycling. The bolt carrier is also equipped with a buffer for optimized cycling and improved recoil impulse.

The charging handle is the GRIP-N-RIP variety and is ambidextrous with anti-gas features. The handle was designed for suppressed fire and the anti-gas feature redirects the gas flow upward and away from the face and from the operator in general. This helps give a better shooting experience overall.

DD5 SBR in use
Daniel Defense has perfected the bolt carrier group that reduces overall recoil impulse and is easy to maintain and operate in all conditions. The group itself is superfinished and DLC-coated to allow for that ease to clean and is equipped with a buffer for better cycling and recoil impulse.

DD5 SBR Specs:

  • Caliber: 7.62×51 mm NATO
  • Barrel Material: DD Proprietary Steel Cold Hamer Forged
  • Barrel Profile: S2W (Strength-to-Weight)
  • Rifling Twist: 1:10”
  • Gas System Length: Mid-Length
  • Bolt Carrier Group: Advanced VAR Stainless Steel Bolt & 8620 Carrier
  • Muzzle Device: DD Linear Compensator
  • Trigger: DD Mil-Spec
  • Overall Length: 30.38” – 33.63”
  • Weight (unloaded): 8.2 lbs.
  • Rail System: DD5 10.5 M-LOK Free-Floating
  • Magazines: Accepts all SR-25 Magazines

The upper also has a free-floating rail that is 10.5” long and features M-LOK. The trigger group is the DD Mil-Spec to round out the rifle. With ambidextrous controls, the DD5 SBR accepts all SR-25 Magazines.

Man crouches with DD5 SBR
The DD5 SBR has the innovative 4-Bolt Connection System that increases the stability of the barrel and, according to Daniel Defense, ensures greater accuracy for the system.

The DD5 SBR has an MSPR of $2,599.00.

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