Danger Zone Auction 2021: Online for the Brian Terry Foundation

The Danger Zone Auction is something of an institution in certain circles and has been for a long time. Unfortunately, the cancellation of SHOT Show this year put the kibosh on that. This was not only a bummer for those who look forward to it all year, but it was also a hit for the Brian Terry Foundation — all proceeds from the various Danger Zone auctions (and they are impressive) go to fund that excellent organization. 

To answer your first question, yes, that’s an Enfield Fitz revolver modified by Made in Trexico. It’s one of the prizes in the auction I’m going to tell you about. Scroll down for more information about Brian Terry and the Brian Terry Foundation.

GunMag Warehouse

PMAG 10 pack
GunMag Warehouse contributed a 10 pack of PMAGs.

And now the other participants in the 2021 Danger Zone Auction.

Trek does more than organize and lead the Danger Zone fracas bedlam ataxia party and auction every year in honor of Brian Terry. For instance, you ever hear of “Trek’s Trek”? He rode over 2,000 miles on a bicycle, border to border and unsupported, to bring awareness to Agent Terry’s murder.

Join in the Auction

Bend the knee to House Trexico
Bend the knee to House Trexico. Support their cause!

These pictures do not always represent the exact prize from a respective donor. Many are representative. 


Gadsden flag shirt - American Viking

Anachrobellum pitched in a “So Much Viking” collection of shirts. 

@Anachrobellum on Instagram, www.anachrobellum.com for their store. 

American Viking with Betsy Ross flag shield


@ateiguns - Danger Zone Auction

@atei guns on Instagram, www.ateiguns.com on the web. 

@ateiguns - Danger Zone Auction

@ateiguns - Danger Zone Auction

Austere TacMed

@austeretacmed - Danger Zone Auction

You can find Austere TacMed on Instagram, @austere_tacmed. 

B5 Systems

@b5systems - Danger Zone Auction

B5 Systems (@b5systems) is online at www.b5systems.com.

Bark River Knives

@barkriverknivesofficial - Danger Zone Auction

Also this Bark River knife listing. 

Battle Comp

@battlecomp - Danger Zone Auction

Battle Comp Industries (@battlecomp on IG) is online at www.battlecomp.com.

Big Tex Outdoors

@bigtexoutdoors - Danger Zone Auction

Big Tex Outdoors (@bigtexoutdoors) is online at www.bigtexoutdoors.com.

Bradshaw Blades

@bradshawblades - Danger Zone Auction

Bradshaw Blades can be found on Insta, @bradshawblades. 

Cry Havoc Tactical

@cryhavoctactical - Danger Zone Auction

Cry Havoc Tactical (@cryhavoctactical) is online at www.cryhavoctactical.com. 

Dark Angel Medical

@darkangelmedical - Danger Zone Auction (

Dark Angel Medical (@darkangelmedical) can (and should) be found online at www.darkangelmedical.com.

@darkangelmedical - Danger Zone Auction (

@darkangelmedical - Danger Zone Auction (

Dauntless Manufacturing

@dauntlessmanufacturing - Danger Zone Auction

And this trench knife (in collab with Matt Helm Knives). 

Dauntless Manufacturing Solutions (@dauntless_manufacturing) can be found online at www.dauntlessmfg.com. 

Defense Mechanisms

@defensemechanisms prize - Danger Zone auction

Eds Manifesto

@edsmanifesto - Danger Zone Auction (2)

There is absolutely no way to predict what Ed Calderon of Ed’s Manifesto (@edsmanifesto_) will come up with, not how bloody you’ll get to obtain it. You may already be following this guy on social, but you should check out his website, Field Notes, and secure comms channel too. 


@edsmanifesto - Danger Zone Auction (2)

@edsmanifesto - Danger Zone Auction (2)
Ed Calderon, leader of the #sneakreapercartel and Lord of House Calderon, has very eclectic EDC taste…
Stand with House Calderon of the Tactical Alliance and do good deeds.
Stand by the cauldron of House Calderon and do good deeds! Support the cause.


@geissele - Danger Zone Auction

You had to know Bill Geissele was going to support this. @geissele / www.geissele.com.

GunMag Warehouse


I may have already mentioned what I hope we put into the auction. But there’s plenty of other stuff at the warehouse too. 

www.gunmagwarehouse.com: on Insta, @gunmagwarehouse. 


Great Lakes Custom

@greatlakescw - Danger Zone Auction

You can check out Great Lakes Custom Works (@greatlakescw) at www.greatlakescustomworks.com. 


@holsterco_llc - Danger Zone Auction

HolsterCo LLC is on Insta (@holsterco_llc) and online, www.miholsterco.com. 

Kestrel Ballistics

@kestrelballistics - Danger Zone Auction

If you’re reading this and you don’t know who Kestrel is, you may be on the wrong blog. They’re a part of this too. @kestrelballistics, online at https://linktr.ee/kestrelballistics. 

Law Tactical

@lawtactical - Danger Zone Auction

Here’s another one you ought to know. If not, check ’em out! Especially if you want to turn that rifle into a folder. @lawtactical, www.lawtactical.com. 

Made in Trexico

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

That’s a Khyber Pass (Trexican style) Martini-Henry you’re looking at above.  Below, some knives and other things that handy and talented bastard has made. 

Plus what you see in some of the images below. 

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

@madeintrexico - Danger Zone Auction

Made in Trexico (@madeintrexico) is currently closed, but some of us secretly hope it will someday open back up. Actually, we don’t secretly hope that at all, we’re pretty upfront about it. www.madeintrexico.com is the site; the training side of things is at www.trainmdfi.com. 

Erik "Trek" Utrecht
The Trek of House Trexico, founder of MDFI Training and Artisan-in-Chief at Made in Trexico.

Mantis Tech

@mantis_tech - Danger Zone Auction (2)

Mantis X (@mantis_tech) is online at www.mantisX.com. 

Matt Helm Knives

@matthelmknives - Danger Zone Auction

Matt Helm Knives (@matthelmknives) is can be found in online collab with Dauntless, www.dauntlessmfg.com/shop.

Memories Burned Deeply/Brian Sabol

@ptfbrian - Danger Zone Auction (

Memories Burned Deeply (@ptfbrian) is on Etsy, https://www.etsy.com/shop/MemoriesBurnedDeeply

On Target Guns

@on_target_guns - Danger Zone Auction

You can check out On Target Guns on Insta, @on_target_guns, or online at www.ontargetgunstore.com. 

Outdoor Dynamics

@outdoordynamics - Danger Zone Auction

Outdoor Dynamics LLC is on Instagram, @outdoor.dynamics) can be found online at www.outdoordynamics.net (or in North Carolina). 

Patriot Apparel Defense

@patriotappareldefense - Danger Zone Auction

Check out Patriot Apparel Defense (@patriotappareldefense) on the web at www.patriotappareldefense.com. 

Sheepdog Outfitters

#sheepdogoutfitters - Danger Zone Auction

I’m not entirely sure how to do business with Sheepdog Outfitters, but I intend to find out. 

Shield Arms

@shield.arms - Danger Zone Auction

Shield Arms is online at www.shieldarms.com: follow ’em on Insta, @shield.arms.


@thyrm - Danger Zone Auction

Thyrm is online at www.thyrm.com: you can see some of their assorted “EDC upgradery” by following them on social, @thyrm.

@thyrm - Danger Zone Auction

@thyrm - Danger Zone Auction

Lift your banner with House Thyrm. Support the cause.
Lift your banner with House Thyrm. Support the cause.

Turner CNC

Turner-CNC-TLAX @turner_cnc_inc @sneakreaper_industries

Turner CNC Inc. is online at www.turnercncinc.com. Follow them on Instagram, @turner_cnc_inc. 

Brian Terry

If you’re not familiar with the name Brian Terry, take a few minutes over the next few days to get that way. I’ll provide some links below. 

US Border Patrolman Brian Terry
Brian A. Terry, a former Marine turned LEO and member of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), was murdered in December 2010 near Rio Rico, AZ, by individuals belonging to a Mexican cartel using weapons supplied by “Operation Fast and Furious”. 

Brian Terry Foundation

David Reeder's Wu Tang name is Lucky Prophet. He is a retired AF veteran, former Peace Officer, and current Tier 2.5 writer-operator. Over the course of his career, he has worked a variety of military and lE billets, served as an Observer-Controller at the National Homeland Security Training Center, a MOUT instructor, and an MTT tracking instructor - all of which sounds much cooler than it really was. Although he only updates his website once in a very great while, he can absolutely be relied upon to post to social media (@reederwrites) at least once a month. -Ish.

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