The Firearm Rack talks CZ83

The CZ-83 on "The Firearm Rack"

The Firearm Rack, one of the online publication’s we keep an eye on, recently published an article about the CZ83: it’s called Cold War Cool. In the article, they discuss the (wait for it…) Czech-made CZ-83 pistol. We have mags for it of course). Though discontinued in 2013, the inexpensive little handgun remains a popular option for those looking for an inexpensive CCW weapon.

The CZ-83, TFR contributor Daniel R says, is “…one of the few double-stack .380 autos on the market, making for a soft shooting pistol with higher than average capacity. The surplus models combine form and function for an effective range toy or concealed carry option.”

The Firearm Rack: CZ-83

He continues,

Despite having all original parts I have never had a malfunction using standard ball ammo. Brands include Blazer Brass, Magtech, Winchester Whitebox, Perfecta, PMC Bronze, Remington UMC, and some reloads from a local range. All projectiles were 95gr…

…The effectiveness of .380 as a defensive round is a sensitive subject, but I remain a fan. Of course, we should carry as much gun as we can, but there are some who absolutely cannot handle the recoil of the 9×19. With the right load, .380 can live up to the coveted FBI ammunition protocols. The combination of proper ammo selection and the larger capacity of the CZ-83 can be a dream come true for some shooters.

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CZ83: Cold War Cool

CZ P10C Magazine

Carrying a more modern CZ model? Maybe needin’ a CZ P10C magazine?

Want more to read? If you’re looking for more about CZ-83, check out the review on Lucky Gunner.

Lucky Gunner review on the CZ-83

“For a lot of people, if the gun recoils too much or doesn’t feel right in their hands or the sights are hard to see, they’re more likely to get frustrated and give up. A 9mm Para or .38 +P would be preferable to .380 ACP or 9×18 in terms of ballistic performance, but if having fun with the .380 helps motivate somebody to get out to the range and improve their skill, then I’d much rather them own that.”


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CZ P10C Magazine

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  • Guy Bivens

    Bring back the CZ83, stupid for ever selling mine that I bought brand new in Germany in the early 90’s.

    • Closet Warrior

      That sucks, I would drop a S&W, Glock, or most any other brands before giving up my CZs. Hope you find a replacement.

      • Guy Bivens

        Yeah, that was way back in 2000, hard up for some money at the time, should have known better or sold a different one.

        • Closet Warrior

          Glad you hit me back, I have a question. Have you ever owned or shot a CZ 40P? I saw one at my local gun store for $365 w/a leather holster and both are in great shape. I know these 40 cal models are a bastard love child of a CZ P01 frame and internals w/the slide, barrel, and sights from a Colt 40Z I believe. Any info or suggestions? Thanks and please reply

          • Guy Bivens

            Sorry, never owned or know much about the 40-P, I owned one .40 cal Taurus PT-100 and it was so finicky about ammo, it turned me off to .40’s. If it’s a pre or non import roll stamped model, that would make it worth it to me if it’s in good firing and working order with decent finish. Much later after getting home after 10 yrs. in Army, I found out the guns I brought back that were excluded from having import stamps were worth alot more money.

          • Closet Warrior

            I’m a 9mm guy myself but it’s a pretty gun that’s been taken well care of. Thanks for the input.

      • Guy Bivens

        Actually, was in a hard up for cash situation and bought this for my ex wife for protection while I was deployed and she was in Germany, didn’t sell any of My CZ’s. And all the CZ’s I bought back then were not stamped or roll marked imported either, they were purchased through Post Rod and Gun club for way less than they even cost back in the early 90’s. Hindsight is foresight the second time around.

        • Closet Warrior

          Ironically about the same time I let a Walther P38 Luger w/Germam eagle stamp on it and a Beretta bird/skeet 20 gague shotgun go for similar reasons and not knowing what I really had. We all make mistakes we wish we could take back I guess. Enjoyed your story, cheers.

          • Guy Bivens

            Yeah, our Rod and Gun club manager in Germany was fired for ordering over a $million in inventory. The had 20 or more of dozens of different guns, paid just over $200 for my Ruger GP 100 6″ SS, $175 for my CZ75, they had P-38’s with both caliber barrels stacked at least a dozen high, but I blew so much on other guns, boxes of magazines for $2 each, a whole trunk load, my ex wife was so pissed when I got back to the house.

  • Liberal Conservative

    I have the CZ82, the 9×18 version…I love it and it and my CZ75 will be my last guns standing.