Concealed Carry options for women: Vakandi Apparel tactical leggings

Vakandi Apparel, a small but increasingly popular company specializing in concealed carry clothing for women, has added a couple of new color-ways to their lineup. Vakandi’s tactical leggings (or “tactical yoga pants” as some refer to them) are now available in both grey and red. Women’s tactical pants of this kind are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, on the range, in competition, and of course, in everyday concealed carry use.

As you can see, they allow for more than a little mobility. 

@jamie_villamor displaying flexibility of Vakandi tactical pants for women
@jamie_villamor demonstrating just how flexible leggings from Vakandi Apparel can be. (This can also be a Good Thing  if you work a lot from a desk, like kneecoleslaw.)

Among the latest color and styles available are gray EDC leggings.  

concealed carry clothing by Vakandi
Concealed carry clothing by Vakandi: these “tactical yoga pants” are designed for women who prefer to wear leggings without relinquishing their EDC gear.
Side view: EDC leggings by Vakandi Apparel
Left side view: EDC leggings by Vakandi Apparel.
Right side view: Vakandi tactical pants for women
Right side view: Vakandi tactical leggings.

Vakandi Women’s EDC Leggings  

– Moisture-wicking, breathable fabric ideal for exercise or warm weather
– Mid-rise waist with 2 and 1/4 inch waistband maintains a flattering style and simultaneously provides extra support  
– Beltloops are 2 1/4 inches thick to accommodate up to a 2-inch thick belt
– 6+ inch deep pockets allow for secure carry of multiple items such as knife, keys, wallet, phone, lipstick, extra mag, etc.  
– Reinforced belt loops to provide more security while drawing weapons or training

Red tactical leggings from Vakandi
Red tactical leggings are another recent offering from Vakandi.
@sweetsavage_cr on the range in red "tactical yoga pants" by Vakandi.
@sweetsavage_cr on the range in red leggings by Vakandi.

Vakandi Apparel

Vakandi was founded by a husband-wife team of chiropractors. Their original design was created for the wife half of the team — she’s an avid yoga practitioner and constant concealed firearm carrier. 

As the company’s website explains, 

“Vakandi’s vision is that more individuals will be inclined to exercise their second amendment rights and carry a weapon of self-defense in a reliable fashion due to the convenient, comfortable, and stylish nature of their products.”

womens tactical pants in a couple different colors.
VA’s tactical yoga pants in a couple of different colors.

They have camo versions, Capri versions, and shorts too. However, given the current level of The Mandalorian, some women might be most interested in their “Baby Yoda Green” pants:

@howicarry in Vakandi tactical pants for women
@howicarry in Vakandi leggings.
@baileycrespo in Vakandi tactical pants for women
@baileycrespo in Vakandi Apparel leggings
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11 thoughts on “Concealed Carry options for women: Vakandi Apparel tactical leggings

  1. Two theory’s of thought, Obviously made to give women the advantage in competition shooting, because the guys will be too busy looking at ass to shoot. Or. They were designed by men to get a better look at the cuties on the range.
    And now for my misogyny coming out. for gods sake if you have a body for them by all means wear them but if you don’t please, please spare us. Stuffing fifty pounds of ground hamburger in a condom looks just like fifty pounds of ground hamburger in a condom. Hahaha. Boy am I going to get it for this one.

    I’m I the only one that thinks concealed shouldn’t be in the title of these pants? How the hell can it conceal anything when everything is showing?

    1. This article was written so you would click on it. Nothing more. If you got your jollies from it, well that’s certainly not the fault of of the author and you should be ashamed of yourself. I only saved two of the pics.

      1. I only saved two myself! Hahaha, it’s funny how everything that’s meant to be sold to conservative 2nd amendment people either has Concealed or Tactical in the heading. And most of the time it’s neither. I love the one where these guys are selling a cheap 39.00 Chinese red dot sight and the heading says use what the green berets use. Military personnel all over the country use this and recommend it. What a laugh. It’s a red dot sold on eBay for 14.95. They think us gun dudes are ignorant, if a Green Beret or seal team showed up at the range with those sights they’d be laughed off the line. Steiner, trijicon, you’d expect but never junk like that.

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